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Found 49 results

  1. pweiss

    Video Sequence?

    I’m trying to figure out how to edit those video clips that look like this sequence. The ones that have multiple of the skater doing the trick one after another on loop. I have no idea what it is called to try and find any tutorials online.
  2. danielrey

    Getting Hvx P2 Footy Onto A Mac?

    Finally got my hands on an Hvx200 along with a 16g P2 card. Trying to find the cheapest way to get footage from the p2 onto my mac. Spent all my money on the cam lol. Any suggestions?
  3. I haven't posted on here in quite some time, but last winter me and my friends came out with a full length skate video. If you'd like a copy of it DM me and I'll mail you one. It took us around 3 or 4 years to film for it, but it's out now and we've already started filming for the next project. This is an edit I put together with footage from the video. Hope you guys like it. - Mikey
  4. Had this camera for about 5 years. Always took care of her. Like I do with all of my camera equipment. Recently took a dive in the DSLR word and picked up a 70D. If Anyones interested shoot me a PM or just post here. Looking for cash but open for trades. The Lens AND Camera are completely MINT. Never ever dropped OR had a camera/lens hit. Always used Premiums. And Always kept in the case. All repairs & Tune ups were done by the one and only Kerry at VE. Sony HDR FX1 Century Optics MK2 BeachTek DXA-FX (XLR Adapter) Lens Hood Big and small Eye Cup Huge NP-970 Battery Original NPF-570 Battery Original Remote control Plug in wall charger (+ Cigarette adapter for charging in the car) Plug in camera wire charger Shoe mount adapter Hard Shell Case S-Video Cable Component Cable Firewire 800 Firewire 400 Might include my rode video mic. I'm probable missing something.
  5. TwoGirlsOneEric

    The Lowsquad Video

    YOOOO! I released this throwaway video summer of this year, it was my biggest skate project yet. consists of a lot of old footage from when i first started filming back in 2013-14. it'd be rad if you guys can check it out thanks ya'll!
  6. Moorey

    Hmc40 Settings Help

    Just bought a HMC40 a couple of days ago, haven't properly filmed yet but I tried to get the best possible settings and now the quality is really blurry when I out the fisheye on, anyone know what I can do?
  7. I put this on eBay for $100 buy it now. It works great and I've only used it for short films and events really. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Azden-SGM-X-Shotgun-Microphone-for-Camcorders-and-Digital-Camera-Excellent-/231382592769?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35df7a2d01 works on cameras with an audio connector input.
  8. New video by Will Riemer.
  9. I was looking at buying a professional video camera at the end of this year. My budget is $1,250 and I still want money left for a fisheye and other needed accessories. So I was wondering if there are any good pro video cameras that suit my budget?
  10. Hey guys, if you have a minute, check out this music video that I made for an m83 song. Let me know what you think. I appreciate it.
  11. Hi, I usually film skating, but I decided to try something out and make a music video. Please let me know what you guys think. I appreciate it. Thanks and check out my channel for skate edits and stuff.
  12. Only posting this here cause maybe some one might want a copy of the full dvd (24 min) But heres the first part its Vin Perso. Copies are $8.00 shipped to the lower 48 us only. Also, let me know if you're in NY and you want to meet up and avoid shipping** edit: Heres the intro, might as well put it here. filmed and edited by me additional filming by sam mccormick
  13. Been putting in some work these past few years on this with all the homies. Should have the video done by the end of this year. Let me know what you guys think of the promo. Peace.
  14. Hey Everyone! My friends and I have created an app called Present, you can share live video with your friends and everything you make gets saved, no time limit, and its free. I would LOVE to see skateboarders using it to film awesome things. It's only for iphones (with iOS 7) at the moment! We are going to start building out for Android devices next month. If you are interested, you can sign up for our Android beta list by emailing: founders@present.tv with the subject "Android". If you have any questions or comments, email: support@present.tv DOWNLOAD LINK: https://appsto.re/us/Y9lGW.i Please support and share the present! -Herb
  15. JustSkate401

    Wtb: Old Skate Videos - Vhs & Dvd

    anyone got some older skate videos that they wouldnt mind letting go of? Specifically looking for Static I and Static II, but will consider others as well.
  16. v1adik


    video i made from summer
  17. johnoneal

    Bocult Promo

    Filmed and Edited by Connor Howitt. Coming 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVbezGMpLUg
  18. New segment I revamped on my channel from a friend where the person in the video skates into a park does gnarly trick and leaves. Let me know what you guys think and if you like this one check out the last one! Channel: Youtube.com/GLOKproductions
  19. http://www.ebay.com/itm/151101834735?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  20. I lost my password and my e-mail suddenly stopped working so i couldn't get on here for about 1,5 years, ANYWAY i got that sorted out. Here's a recent Park Clip, hope you enjoy. Il link my other recent work from the past months since i haven't been able to post them here. Feel free to check them out. Also please give some feedback, i love hearing what you guys have too say. Oh and on a side note, my Peleng just arrived so i'l be filming with that from now on Park Clip. Summer Montage 1&2. Spring Montage. Sorry for the long post. Hope the videos make up for it. Canon550d Rokinon8mm Opteka EZ handle Tamron 10-20 Audio Technica mic [edit] Why wont it show the thumbnails for all of the videos. Sorry
  21. Filmed And Edited by Connor Howitt
  22. Throwaway footage from a few days of filming downtown. Let me know what you think. I feel like the video quality isnt as good as it could be.
  23. mkeskate.com has come out with its third full length video and its finally on youtube! check out my part along with all the others! visit mkeskate’s channel and subscribe! THANKS! - Josh