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Found 71 results

  1. Kaleb Jordan

    WTB: MK1 for VX1000

    Just sent my vx off to Kerry and have plans to start working on another video soon. Pls somebody sell me one!
  2. caughtonvhs

    Wtb Century Optics Mk1 / Mk 2

    Wanted to buy - Century Optics Mk 1 or Mk 2 lens Century optics lens NEEDED let me know if anyone has anything available, no time wasters! Cheers.
  3. ManipulatedMinds

    I Want Your Vx1000

    My camera is acting a fool. Does anyone have a vx1000 they are selling?
  4. as the title states, I'm looking for a genuine panasonic battery for my HVx200P. I'm also looking for 8GB, 16GB, maybe 32GB P2 cards if cheap enough. It doesn't need to be a bundle just offer whatcha got! Thanks guys!
  5. Thomasalvrz

    Wtb Gravis Dylan

    I'm sure this has been sought after on here plenty of times but it doesn't hurt to try I'm looking for Gravis Dylan slip ons mainly looking for the dress ones, size 7 or 7.5 Any colorway except for the black wrinkle as I already have a pair. I may also be interested in the skate shoes in size 8 Thanks in advance
  6. Danimals07

    Wtb: Mk1

    I got 500 Bucks right now waiting in my electronic piggy bank for a near minty fresh fisheye. If someone wants to hold an mk1 for me till I have enough to match their asking price, I'd appreciate it. Can be a vx1000 Bayo or vx2000 Bayomounted. Thanks guys
  7. Looking to buy a Extreme & Rails for my HPX170 PM me with what ya got
  8. aaronmcnevich

    Wtb: Capture Cam

    Anybody out there looking at trying to sell or possibly trade their capture cam? Mine recently went to crap. Preferably Sony, but other brands will suffice.
  9. Will Hart

    Wtb: Raymod

    Looking to buy a Raymod. Have cash on deck. Let me know what you have!
  10. happycloudskate

    Selling: Canon 8-15mm Fisheye

    Wtb an extreme for HVX so also taking trades for that... Obviously will add money for rails. Asking for $1500 on this lens. Its brand new , i used it once and decided i wanna just use my hvx for both long lens and fisheye
  11. ManipulatedMinds

    Wtb Vx1000 Please

    Hey, I need to buy a vx1. If anyone has one PM me with pictures and a price.
  12. happycloudskate

    Wtb: Vx1000 Mk1

    Anyone selling a vx1 mk1 full setup (batteries, bayo, etc) in good condition?
  13. Kaleb Jordan

    Wtb: Point & Shoot 35mm

    What's up guys, I'm looking to jump into the 35mm photo game. Looking for a p&s and some film possibly? Nothing specific, just a nice starting setup. Show me what you all have to offer. Thanks!
  14. BlakeWollersheim

    Wtb Cheap Or Broken Vx1

    Looking to buy a fairly cheap vx1. Open to anyone offering a partially broken vx unless the damage is a very expensive fix. Pm me if you have anything.
  15. alexarcara

    Need To Buy 5d Miii

    I want to buy a 5d Mark III really badly. Offer up please.
  16. Sidewalksurfer_

    Wtb: Capture Cam

    I am in desperate need of a capture cam. If anyone has any kind of mini dv camera hit me up. 251-680-2929 Tylerkennedyskate@gmail.com
  17. vx600d

    Opteka 52 Or 57mm Fisheye

    Has anyone in the north west UK got a opteka 52 or 57mm fish for sale? I could pick it up if its not too far away.. im in liverpool, let me know!
  18. Need one soon and looking for good condition.
  19. elliottemerica

    Wtb : Vx1000

    I didnt have very good luck with the last one ordered :/ I want to spend $500 but will negotiate.
  20. My vx is fucked. Figured I'd try and get some trv action going since I cant really afford another vx at the moment.
  21. ManipulatedMinds

    I Need A Vx1

    Mine just fell into the abyss. I need a new one. pm me and send some pictures ff you want.
  22. Hey guys, looking for a mint condition Tamron 17-50, must be the VC model. Reply or send me a private message, i check here regularly. Thanks -Bob
  23. happycloudskate

    Need Hvx200a Xtreme Fisheye!

    Does anyone have one for sale less than $2600 ?? In need of it SOON, please contact me if you have one for sale! matias@matiasvasquez.com 305-951-1700 , if you are in the Miami (florida) area i will pick up. I will pay for shipping if not.
  24. gilburtt

    Wtb: Dvx100 Setup

    Looking for a DVX setup, preferably with an MK2. Interested in 100a's and 100b's.
  25. Looking for a bag that will fit my HMC150 and also have room for an xtreme w/ rails, t2i body with two/three lenses, ect. Not looking for anything gigantic.