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Found 12 results

  1. AKskateboarding

    Hmc150 Scene File Settings

    I've been messing around with the Panasonic HMC150 I got not long ago and was curious which setting(s) in the scene file menu will brighten the footage the most? I can't remember who it is, but I used the person who filmed "_you should close the door_"'s Scene file (pictured below) and it looks really good for day time footage, but I've seen better night time footage produced by the Panasonic camcorders. If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Local skateshop threw a contest this weekend & here's the recap!! (Critique please)
  3. Skater132

    WTB century xtreme

    Looking for xtreme fisheye for HVX or HPX/HMC PM me
  4. Filmed and edited this with my buddy Ronnie for ESWIC Clothing. They asked for a park edit or some type of web content for their social media so we headed out. Any and all critiques welcome. Gimme all ya got! Thanks
  5. Made a show reel for a "RIDE CHANNEL" segment ("Film Reel") but had issues due to the band not agreeing with copyright details. Decided to risk my own account and post it myself!
  6. Short edit of Ronnie Kessner ripping Alga Norte Skatepark in Carlsbad, CA. Song: My Whole World's Coming Apart Artist: John Maus HPX170 Follow on IG: Steaktage
  7. Who out there is using an xtreme fisheye? I just got one and it's heavier than I thought. Weight distribution feels awkward. Maybe I'll get used to it. Anyone out here have an opinion on using the xtreme? Like it or not? Thanks
  8. Where can I get the hmc150/hpx170 bayo ring for my xtreme fisheye? I currently have an hvx200/hvx200a bayo ring on it. I called century and they said there tech guy was not in but they did not know if they sell that part separately. Anyone that can help me or put in your input? Thanks
  9. So my question is I have an xtreme fisheye that is Bayo mounted for a hvx200 will this fit a hvx200a as well? And I would really like an hmc150/hpx170 Bayo for it does anyone selling one or wear I can get the Bayo ring?
  10. Made this clip last night of a Miniramp session that went down. t was my second time filming with my new HMC150 / Xtreme Fisheye set up coming from a DSLR so any tips/advice would be appreciated. Also, scene files or settings recommendations would be sweet aswel.
  11. scottywontknow

    Xtreme Fisheye For Hvx Or Canon 8-15mm

    Looking to buy either of these fisheyes immediately, please pm me with any potential sales. Another way to get an instant response would be to email me: jordanguzyk@gmail.com Thanks!
  12. happycloudskate

    Need Hvx200a Xtreme Fisheye!

    Does anyone have one for sale less than $2600 ?? In need of it SOON, please contact me if you have one for sale! matias@matiasvasquez.com 305-951-1700 , if you are in the Miami (florida) area i will pick up. I will pay for shipping if not.