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Found 3 results

  1. ::crickets::

    Been shooting an architecture photo a day since January.
  2. Made a post in the dslr buyers advice thread but I though it would be worth it to make a post here. Currently have a gh2 running flow motion, sort of wanting a new cam that gives me more stabilized zoom options and 1080/60p. Currently looking at 3 options. A7: full frame capable, Ef to e mount smart adapter is cheap, about 850 used, but video quality is shit from what I've been seeing. A7s: same as a7 but with much better video, but it's close to double the price of the a7 used and I'm not sure I can afford something that pricey. Gh3: better dynamic range than gh2, no shitty avchd, great video, and I can use my 7.5mm while I wait for a meta bones booster, which would give me 1.42 crop factor and image stabilization support. Only concern is that a 17-50 vc tamron might vignette but I film along with someone who uses an hmc so I could always just crop a bit because it's getting down scaled to 720 anyways. Thoughts? Really sorry if this is the wrong place to make this post, I'm new here so please go easy. Thanks , Steve
  3. Rectangles Are Weird

    Been pretty busy travelling around for the past few months. Trying to get the hang of the rectangular format again (I centred the horizon on 3 of the damn shots). Shot on a Sony A7 and Canon 28mm 2.8 FD lens. First and last shot used a circular polariser. Two sleeping humpbacks off the coast of Massachusetts. Somewhere in Central Oregon. High desert in North Central California.