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Found 9 results

  1. lizardmaldokill

    More Illustration

    facebook butchered the quality but whatevs
  2. lizardmaldokill

    Ron Swanson Illustration

    i've got a few prints of this for sale for $8.00, so far no buyers... lame
  3. lizardmaldokill

    Character Painted In Photoshop

    lol figured i'd try and keep this section alive, anyway this is one of my first pieces using photoshop to paint (in a ghetto rigged way)
  4. lizardmaldokill

    Couple Illustrations

    critique if you like
  5. jordanpalmerwiens

    Dna 11 Commercial -

    Hey guys! I recently filmed/edited/directed this commercial as well as three instructional videos for a company called DNA 11. They are a service that turns your DNA into art by taking a swab sample that you do at home and extracting the DNA into a scannable image, then colourizing it however you want it. The other videos are in the separate product pages if you're interested. http://dna11.com/ Thanks duders! I used a C100, 24-105, 100mm Macro, and 70-200mm.
  6. Hey I make a zine called Realize and we are looking for skate photo contributions for our next issue! We are a diy zine that features skating, art, and visionary culture with a positive message based out of California, check out some of our old issues at http://realizeculture.com/zine/ Our next issue will be pretty rad tho, taking it to the next level for us, we already have interviews with Kenny Reed and Chris Dyer, and will be distributed across the country with Creation and Satori Skateboards, so I am looking for quality photos! We are looking for mostly skate and enjoy vibes, artsy, nature based, diy, skating with SYLE!! If you are interested in contributing, or might know someone who is, send an email to realizezine@gmail.com www.realizeculture.com - sean
  7. joey skates

    Paulfish Artist Profile

    I wasn't too sure about this one while I was editing it, it kind of has like a triple narrative thing going on haha. However once it was done I feel like it turned out decent. This is part of a series I do called artist profilesz
  8. If critiquing still exists on this website, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. http://youtu.be/Ebdte2zUdBM