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Found 5 results

  1. New segment I revamped on my channel from a friend where the person in the video skates into a park does gnarly trick and leaves. Let me know what you guys think and if you like this one check out the last one! Channel: Youtube.com/GLOKproductions
  2. AKskateboarding

    Auckland City Edit

    Made an edit of my local town, Auckland, New Zealand. Tried to make something that a larger audience would enjoy, so it's not primarily skateboarding. Was going to upload to Vimeo where it caters to different aspect ratios (1536x720) but they only allow 1 HD video a week so Youtube's letterbox will have to make do until next week. If you're going to flame me on that for whatever reason I dont really mind, just looking for thoughts on the timelapses and B-roll type footage and how I could improve it. (other than taking a tripod)
  3. tyler strasser

    Snowboard Front Board

    wish he was goofy cause shooting from the other side looked like shit. ass shot, but whatever. tell me what comes to mind!
  4. I feel like we as people choose to see what we see, whether you're riding in the car, or you're walking on the sidewalk. As a skateboarder we get to see things so up close and personal. We see rough ground and take another way around it, besides just thinking its just another stretch of concrete. Or seeing sewer caps not as something a part of the road, but something to do tricks over. We know where all the huge cracks our when rolling through downtown. We see stuff in such a crazy way, and that's where the title of this film comes from. This was a documentary made for a class, and I wanted to make something completely new! Filmed by Harris Oates You can also check my website for more videos! www.harrisoatesmedia.com
  5. I just got a new camera, and did some testing with it. I'm still getting used it since its completely different than a VX. But I filmed a little bit with it so far. Some of the DC dudes (Wes Kremer, Evan Smith, & Davis Torgerson came to town, and I had the privilege to help show them around and film a bit. So they helped break in the camera for me. So check it! Wes filmed the gnarly ender! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7xqC_Q-mPg Check out my new website for more videos! http://www.harrisoatesmedia.com/