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Found 15 results

  1. (Scratched) 52mm opteka mod on a vx1000. Really wide and gets rid of that shitty blue vig. Long lens Vs. Mod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me0aWjrOf4E&feature
  2. Trv needs a head cleaning, but other than that works great. Baby Death is scratched, but if you know how to set your camera then the scratches don't show up. Included: -Sony NP-F730 (og sony battery, holds a charge) -Trv Lens hood -Ac adapter -Random camera bag - 37mm-52mm step up ring Looking for $235 shipped, or trades for Canon or Lumix dslr accessories LOOKING FOR $155 SHIPPED OR TRADE FOR MK1 PLUS CASH ALSO, I have a large Quantaray Pro backpack for sale. Looking for $45 shipped Will post pics when I get the chance, thanks!
  3. juanigayol21

    Which Fisheye For Trv900? Need Help

    I'll get a sony trv900 in about a month so i was wondering of which fisheye looks more like a vx1000. I search some fisheyes, can you tell me which one is better? The opteka 37mm baby death fisheye with a 52 to 37 mm step down ring or this one with the same ring http://www.ebay.com/itm/330808744791 Please i need help with this!
  4. I have a mint Gs 320 setup that I've been trying to get rid of for a while. Barely used, I have all the lens caps and everything is in perfect condition. Extras include: -Home-made cold shoe handle -Tamrack camera backpack -Extended Battery -Mini Tripod -About 6 brand new tapes (Always used panasonic tapes) -Lens cleaning equipment -Spacers for the death lens -U.V. Filter Great camera for any filmer, 3 ccd, has all manual settings and produces GREAT colors if you use it correctly. Asking 400 neg.
  5. nrrbull

    Vx1000 Vs Trv900

    So I've been wondering for a while in your opinions what's better for the money the vx1 or the trv? However I happen to own both and I couldn't part with either. Im sure some other users are wondering the same thing. In my opinion, I have used both and the trv900 gets the job done just great for how cheap it is nowadays. All you need is a babydeath to go along with it and you can set the colors and make it look identical to the vx. But for the vx1000 I think it is much more fun to use. Also the vx is more handheld and stabelized with the handle on top. So really it all comes down to how much cash you have.
  6. MichaelCohill

    Fluorescent Lights

    Montage at First Glance. Some of the Colors were way off. TRV900/Baby Death Footage. Filming Advice Please?
  7. want some feedback vx1
  8. LemonySkates

    Wtb: Front Element For A Baby Death

    I need to replace my front element on my opteka baby death. Hit me up if you got one cheap. Small scratches are ok. I'll buy the whole fisheye for a reasonable price if just selling the front element doesn't work for you.
  9. JasonBorn

    Wtb: Opteka 37mm Baby Death

    I need to buy an Opteka 37mm Baby Death fisheye because I owe my friend one. (Long story.) It doesn't need to be in flawless condition, just no scratches that affect performance. I'm looking to pay, maybe 50-60 plus shipping? Offer up. Thanks.
  10. batlockmiles

    Street Mon

    may as well ballbag this on here. it was an entry for a shop competition based on king of the road but with really loose rules, basicly make an edit. filmed in england btw gs320 - baby death
  11. not that good filming or editing but whatever critique i any form is welcome