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Found 9 results

  1. Just testing the waters to see if there is interest. Recently ran into a brand-new-with-tags Ogio TY2 camera backpack but it's a little too big for me. If there is interest here I'd definitely sell. Probably looking for around $200 USD (plus shipping from Canada, will be calculated if someone is interested) but open to offers. Pic related.
  2. Filmer Backpacks

    Gonna be filming a new street video this spring/summer and I plan on doing some photography as well so my very-basic Poler camera bag isn't gonna cut it anymore. My only criteria for recommendations is that it has a spot to hold a tripod. What's the best filmer bag out there guys?
  3. Ogio Atiba Mini

    I'm looking for the ogio atiba mini bag or the polaroid studio backpack. anyone have either hmu
  4. Ogio Ty 2 Camera Bag

    Post for Nickguz!!!
  5. Wtb - Ogio Ty 2 Bag

    Hey I am looking to buy a Ogio Ty 2 Bag for my HVX200, Let me know if you have one for sale or If you know anywhere that I can buy one
  6. Bag Vs Backpack

    I need a bag for my vx1000, and i guess the lowpro minitrekker looks good, and im also looking into a canon bag, but i think an actual carry bag might work better than a backpack. i know itd be really annoying, but i dont wat my stuff to be thrown around when i put it on, take it off, run etc., especially with how fragile vx1ks are. are ther any good carry bags or should i just not even look into them at all.
  7. I paid $230 for this bag last weekend when I was out of town. When I brought It home I found out that It doesn't quite fit all of my gear. I'd like to get rid of this thing fast so I can get a larger bag. $150 OBO paypal only.
  8. Vx1000 Backpack

    whats the best cheap backpack for vx1000
  9. Wtb Ogio Ty2 Backpack

    I want the Ogio Ty 2 backpack for my vx setup. Anyone got one for sale? (UK or Europe)