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Found 12 results

  1. Fruitboot

    Black And Whites

    Simplifying things. Last two are HP5 in Rodinal which I won't be doing again. Bronica SQ-A Olympus Stylus Epic Olympus Stylus Epic
  2. mitchellmylius


    Decided I would start posting on skateperception again even though my name is embarrassing. My ego must have been huge in 2011. Anyways this is my homie Quin frontside lipsliding at this 8 rail in Anaheim. I was stoked on how much he pops on the overexposed wall. Especially after i turned the photo black and white! kind wish my 50mm would autofocus tho... what do you think? Nikon D80 50mm 1.8 1/1500 f 2.4
  3. LZC

    Vhs Camera Question

    Hi SP, I got a VHS camera this summer from my mom's old office. My mom said she remembers it shooting in color, but when I look and film through the viewfinder it's only black and white. So my question is, do you know if the viewfinder is in B&W if the footy will be in B&W or will it come out in color? I've never had a VHS, so if anyone has any experience, let me know. Thanks
  4. Armando

    Ollie With A Reverse Bw

    Shot with a gopro (noob, I know), edited in photoshop. There is something strange going on with the color on the edge of the front leg, but it's like that because of the shadow I believe, since the affected area is blue/the sky EDIT: added more pics.
  5. - Shot on a NikonEM, 50mm with Ilford HP5, all natural lighting. Since any photo I take isn't going anywhere other than my flickr or instagram, I don't worry about people in the shots. It feels more candid to me, like Im capturing a moment how it actually was. Thats Mike Abarta in there taking an instagram photo with his iphone if you were wondering. Lets here how this makes you feel.
  6. Here's a series I shot of another Toronto photographer, Derek O'Donnell. The first one is my favourite of the three. They were shot using a Canon 1D Mark III, 50 1.8 and 85 1.8 with one Alien Bee B800 through an umbrella.
  7. notorious

    Recent Black And White

    These are shitty scans of prints, I haven't had time to scan my negatives yet. 1 and 3 are tri-x, 2 is hp5 Bonus
  8. http://shootrewindde...ummer-12-boston
  9. Las Rosas De Dallas Featuring: Kaleb Privett, Dyemond Daniels, Grant Nicar, Sam Hawkins, Derek Stanko, Bret Gregory, Victor Villafane, Scott Harrell, Ryker Frenzel, Jared Burke, Kozo Cavalcanti Additional Filming: Scott Harrell and Derek Stanko Guest starring: Macklin Fanning Noir Deco - Prey at the Disco
  10. Las Rosas De Dallas Featuring: Jace Maupin, Kennedy Cantrell, Victor Villafane, Scott Harrell, Jared Burke, Sean Greene, Kyle Stone, and Daniel Stone. Filmed by Victor Villafane additional filming by Bret Gregory and Kennedy Elvis Presley - Thats Alright Mama Also my first time posting since the upgrade and I like it!