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Found 8 results

  1. Yo guys! If any of you live in Portland, the formerly known DOS (Department of Skateboarding) Bowl has reopened to the public as the Trusty Switchblade Bowl. There is also a shop beneath the bowl to get some goods at. The bowl is in NE off of San Rafael and Williams (15 NE Hancock St Portland, OR 97212) come check it out. Also peep this article on Lowcard http://www.lowcardmag.com/featured/trusty/
  2. We've visited 2 transistion skateparks and decided to post short video of it. I wasn't really creative that day which I regret. Definitely I should've tried getting some bowl fisheye lines. Also I didn't get enough b-roll footage so a few shots come are from video stocks. Anyway it came out pretty decent I think.
  3. Great, spelt montage wrong for the first critic : D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owU81ICFNhQ
  4. Jame-s.

    Fs 5 0 & Fs Smith

    So this was my first real attempt at skateboard photography. I am aware they are far from great but im just looking for some constructive criticism IMG_5182-2 by James FD, on Flickr Fs smith IMG_5152 by James FD, on Flickr Fs 5 0 Quite pleased with how this one came out for a first attempt
  5. YahavTrudler

    Hey! I'm New Here. 4 Photos

    At my next post there will be a normal title, I swear. This site seems really cool. A lot of talented photographers here! My name is Yahav, I am 17 and I'm from Israel. I've been skating for 6 years and shooting for 1 year. Here's some of my work. Tzahi / BS Air Shafi / BS Smith (I didn't catch it late, he just really kissed it.) Dan / Fakie Flip Maoz & Eden enjoy a quiet day in Israel. (This was published on Concrete Wave Magazine.)
  6. ManwithaCam003

    Back Disaster

    My first time photoing bowl skating Some self critique: I should of gotten closer and gotten rid of the cup also a tad late for my taste DSC_3105 by SBspoolin03, on Flickr
  7. Spencer-Wells

    Oh My God A Girl!