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Found 14 results

  1. Fruitboot

    I became a slide film whore

    Got back into shooting 6x6 after neglecting the Bronica for awhile. As always, crit appreciated. All Bronica SQ-Ai + Provia 100F
  2. Summer roadtrips. Felt good to be lugging the Bronica through the woods again.
  3. alex_papke

    Travel Photos -e100g

    just got back some slides that I shot over the summer. I not really into shooting c41 anymore, I've been shooting almost all slide film if I'm not shooting black and white. Here are some photos from my trip from San Diego to Seattle and back down. more @ alexpapke.tumblr.com somewhere in Oregon coming back down the coast 7 miles deep in Big Sur, CA SFCA
  4. DecaturSkater

    Flashes For Bronica S2a

    What would be the cheapest flash that i could get for my bronica s2a? i will also need a transmitter and receivers.What would i have to do to get a transmitter hooked up to it?
  5. DecaturSkater

    Veiwfinder For My Bronica?

    Yo, i got 2 choices for viewfinders for my brionica s2. 1: waist level finder - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bronica-S-S2-waist-level-finder-Used-6X6-/380447011291?pt=US_Viewfinders_Eyecups&hash=item589468b1db 2: Chimney finder- http://www.ebay.com/itm/ZENZA-BRONICA-S2-FOCUSING-HOOD-FINDER-W-CASE-/171045759183?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27d31f28cf Both are $99 and im wondering which one would be a better buy Thanks.
  6. So i was at the local thrift store when i found a bronica. The dude said $100 but i talked him down to $40. Anyway, i have no idea what model it is. All i really know is that it has a 6x6 back and a 75mm f2.8 lens. It seems to be in good condition. the serial code on the top says cb 56518. I believe it's a s2. But i could be wrong. Help a brotha out
  7. yeses95

    Street Endeavors?

    So these are a couple shots from my first experiences shooting with my bronica. Such a treat to shoot with. I tend to think these are more successful than my other shots, i guess because i know how long it took me to get these. i wouldnt consider it a waste of my time because i had so much fun haha. Anyways, bronica sq-a, zenzanon 80mm, Ilford 100 (portra 400 for the 2nd) These were on my trip to seattle (I only shot 3.5 rolls on the trip). I followed this guy around for a good 3 blocks. Maybe not worth it but I was having a great time. This was on the first roll in seattle. (day 1) Large This was on the last roll i shot in seattle. Again, i saw this lady from a couple blocks away and followed for a while to get caught up without drawing attention. I really wanted an up close picture of her so i got the courage up to ask her for one. very friendly lady, cat was a big part of this woman, sat on her shoulder wherever she went. this was my 3rd day in seattle. Large The reason I put these 2 up are because of something i realized while posting this thread. I was actually going to put up another photo but i realized that these pictures are on the same wall. for some unknown reason I followed these people and decided to take the shot here, on this wall. These are the only shots I took of these people, on different times, and different days... I really want to print these as a diptych for that reason. (i dont think they work as a diptych unless they would be spaced further away? thoughts?) Also, watched cloud atlas for the first time last night so this is much crazier in my head. Let me know what you think guys.
  8. Looking for a Bronica 120 back for an SQ-a. Hit me up!
  9. Hit me up with offers. Good condition. I also have a tamrac Expedition 7 for sale and possibly trade....Both work, and look like new theres nothing to complain about.
  10. Midwestshred

    Abandoned School

    check out these shots from an abandoned elementary school, please comment and critique... bonus 1 bonus 2
  11. Palmer!

    Wtb: Bronica Sq Setup

    I may also be interested in etr's or something if the price is right. Email me at palmersegner at gmail
  12. Midwestshred

    Double Neg And Telephone Towers

    Few shot of this girl, first pictures of people, i guess you could call them portraits. Tell me what you dudes think, foreal! + + bonus 1 bonus 2
  13. rad

    Norway Trip

    A few photos from a trip I took recently. C&C Few more on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/45348864@N04/
  14. donkadonk

    Bert Wootton - Kickflip

    Bert Wootton - Kickfllip by StephenKnight, on Flickr