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Found 26 results

  1. Hi, I'm searching the AWS Photosynthesis vhs and boards of the Aws Don Pendleton era. Let me know if you have something!
  2. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

    Hey guys, today I am selling my Sony Vx2000 setup. I've had it for a little bit now but I need to upgrade for school which is coming up. I have babied this camera and my friend that I got it from has also babied it too. I have never had a single problem with this camera and can almost guarantee you wont either. It doesnt have a normal vx2000 eyecup but it does have a large vx1000 eyecup that does the job.. the camera itself is clean, body has minimal scuffs and wear and the lens is in prestine condition with no marks or anything. The mic does not have any sag it looks clean. Never hit or dropped. It comes with 3 batteries. 1 Sony and 2 ebay batteries with a ebay charger. I will post pictures when i get around to it because I am pretty busy but I figured id post it without pictures right now. Id like to sell it as a group but for the right price I may be willing to split. Selling the vx2000 for $400 OBO. You can contact me on here or by phone at 6three0-four08-four58four
  3. message me if you want to sell me a vx1k setup or if you want to trade a vx1k setup for a dvx setup
  4. amarshello

    Aws Photosynthesis

    Looking to buy Photosynthesis VHS with the box. Anyone have any help?
  5. so finally looking to sell this thing. been my favorite camera for quite a while but we've recently grown apart.. but yeah. works good, glass is clean. hood has a little paint loss around the edges. 2 small scratches, one on top of the body and one right above the lens. $1000 shipped to your door. text me if u wannit
  6. my real good friend brayden slezak is selling this. i can vouch for him 100%. most legit dude in my city. he's going to post all the details etc.
  7. nick5817

    Buying Vx1000

    Can be scratched, but no non-working looking for $450 just for the vx a battery and a charger, lens hood, cap
  8. FinnFilms

    Need A Dvx Mk2? Anyone?

    A DVX MK2 would be very much appreciated, also a HDV MK2 would do the trick just fine. I will be modding it for my HMC150 PM me
  9. faulker97

    Wtt: Vx1000

    hey guys I'm in the market for a 60d body with one battery and charger, don't have a lot of money but I would be willing to trade my vx1000 for it too.
  10. My friend wants to get back into filming, so he's looking to buy a trv setup. Anybody have one?
  11. aaronmcnevich

    Wtb: Nintendo 64

    Looking for the console with expansion pack, controllers, cables, and games. Also have a few camera accessories willing to trade.
  12. matt_enright

    Trade+cash For Camcorder

    hi, im looking at hd camcorders to buy NOT SD OR VX'S. Im interested in whatever you have, aslong as it is under$700 and is hd. I also have some camera stuff to trade right here just hit me up with whatever you have as long as it is hd, i have other stuff like boards that are new or used, a complete custom cruiser, complete boards, brand new decks, new and used wheels, xbox stuff and $ and i will trade that stuff
  13. matt_enright

    Wanted Camcorder/camera

    hi, im new to here but im looking for a new hd camcorder cause my sony hc1 broke. im looking at hd camcorders NOT SD OR VX'S features im looking for: hd hard drive or sd cards, or p2 card, not tapes i would like to have a viewfinder, but not necessarily 43mm thread/filter or up good condition, no broken parts hd only not pocket camcorder just hit me up with whatever you have as long as it follows what i asked, i have a little bit of camcorder parts or lenses but thats about it, but i have other stuff like boards and whatever and xbox stuff and $ message me on here or text me at 248 494 4739 thannks
  14. Hi, I'm looking at buying a new camcorder, it has to be under 700$, but i want one that has fisheye threads that are 43mm or bigger, and suggestions, or anything, no dslrs. If you have one on here just let me know
  15. notleobanuelos

    Vx1000 + Mk1

    I am selling my Japanese VX1000 + MK1 Fisheye. Transitioning to HD. (Any HD-related trades are welcome. No DSLR.) I got the camera about 4-5 years ago in mint condition straight from Japan. The exterior is in fair condition. The VAP Unit broke off 3 years ago in a car accident. It's held together fine with Gorilla Tape, or even electrical tape from what I've seen other people do. The interior of the camera works accordingly. Viewfinder, basic functions, zoom, mic, etc are all working. The fisheye is practically in mint condition, aside from scratches on the outer rim that holds the lens. No scratches at all on the glass. My standing offer is $900. I'm only trying to sell it as a package deal. Unless you can offer me a really good price on one separately. Package Includes: Sony VX1000 MK1 Lens Two Batteries Pretty beaten up camera bag (optional/no charge) If anyone wants to see footage from it. This is my YouTube. (<-- click "YouTube")
  16. FinnFilms

    Need A Used Mk2 For Dvx100 (bayo)

    Need a used Mk2 for dvx100, has to be a bayo mount to put on my HMC150, email or PM me to work out a price. email: fjudell@gmail.com Thanks Finn
  17. Been looking for a Century MKII for a while now, cant find n online store anywhere that sells them. anyone know a place? btw i live in Australia so a store that ships to aus would be nice.
  18. LproductionSB

    Wtb Canon T2i T3i Or 60d All Kit Lens

    Looking for a canon T2i t3i or 60D message me If you have one And Ill make an offer.
  19. Alanfilms619

    Sony Vx2000 For Sale

    Hey wad up I got a Sony Vx 2000 Up for sale The body is in good condition looks brand new the only problem is the heads are dirty But you can get them cleaned and ready to go by sending it to VE, Doesn't have a charger lost about a couple weeks back But the battery still has some charge i'm throwing in my opteka fisheye lens too i'm asking for at least 400-450 so just let me know who ever is interested..
  20. Mohammad Naguib

    Wtb/wtt Century Optics Mk1

    I need a bayomount mk1 for my vx1000. I have cash ready and will buy through paypal, as long as a tracking number is provided. All offers will be considered. I would also be willing to trade my canon mount Peleng 8mm fisheye (for dslr's) + cash. Hit me up with whatever you have.
  21. JLinde22

    Wtb Vx1000

    Hi im looking for a vx1000, i have trades, Brand New JVC everio HD+Box and all parts and warranty, i also have a gopro HD Hero 2 with helmet mount, I have nike hyperfuses size 11 I WANT A VX1000!!!
  22. NikeSBeezyz

    New Sale Thread

    https://www.facebook...40791363&type=1 You might have to be logged in to facebook to see. Should work. or look here http://i46.tinypic.com/2b2k2c.png Left to right, top to bottom 1. Vintage mickey mouse pullover hoodie – Sz Large – fits like Medium 2. All-over print UNDFTD crewneck Sz. Large fits like Medium 3. Uniform Code heavy sweater – sz large 4. Hooded Flannel – Ripcurl – washable headphones in hood strings – Sz Large 5. waterproof Oakley zip-up hoodie – Sz Medium 6. Insight Flannel – Sz Small fits like Medium 7. Matix Sweater size Medium 8. Active zip-up hoodie, Medium 9. Size large poncho 10. Brand new Quiksilver thin zip-up hoodie, Medium (sample design) 11. blank gray pullover hoodie – size medium 12. blank black pullover hoodie – size Medium 13. Size large button up 14. Vans polo-style size Medium 15. Green Volcom button up / dress shirt – Size Medium 16. RVCA size Medium 17. RVCA size Large 18. RVCA size Medium 19. RVCA size small 20. RVCA size Large 21. Volcom size Large 22. Billabong tie-dye size Medium 23. Element size Medium 24. Imaginary Foundation size Medium 25. RVCA size Small 26. Quiksilver size Medium 27. Quiksilver size Medium 28. Quiksilver size Medium (sample graphic) 29. Brand new with tags Quiksilver size Medium v-neck 30. GWAR x Altamont size Large 31. Vans size Medium 32. Ezekiel size Large http://i47.tinypic.com/35b60ja.png left to right, top to bottom again 1. Oakley size Medium 2. 5BORO NYC size Large 3. Carls JR employee shirt Size Large 4. Volcom size Large 5. Street League x Rogue Status size XL 6. sold 7. Primitive LA size XL 8. Ashbury size XL 9. Best coast size L 10. Supreme Real Tree red box DS 11. ^^^ 12. Brand New Vans Half-cab ”White-Label” Edition – Size 7.5 13. 9/10 Sperry Topsiders Size 8.5
  23. christiancustodio

    Opteka Fisheye

    i need to buy an opteka fisheye 52mm or 58, someone pm me of you have one
  24. alexarcara

    Mk2 For Dvx?

    hey i am looking to buy a mk2 for dvx. post if you have one to sell. i am also willing to do trades.
  25. LazyWagon

    Panasonic Hdc-Tm10 1080P

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I'm pretty new to camcorders, I was just wondering, I have 4 days to get a camcorder but I am not sure which one to get and if they're any good or not I've found: Panasonic HDC-TM10 for £165.00 Second hand on Amazon and it has 8GB on board memory Super Fish-eye Lens for Panasonic HDC-TM10 for £67.99 on DigitalToyShop and a battery on Amazon for £10.29 Do you think I should go for it, as at the moment I am using my dad's SLR for filming which is sick but I can't take it anywhere so I just want a personal camcorder that I can take out and about with me so that I can film footage but it high enough quality to look good on YouTube or on a DVD, oh and I also have a camera case that I can put all of the parts and bits in so yeah please reply with advice and information but the total has to be under £250-£260 ---Links--- Camcorder - http://www.amazon.co...TF8&me=&seller= Fisheye - http://www.digitalto...TM10_t1987_4920 Battery - http://www.amazon.co...8756578&sr=1-20 Thanks Guys, -Charly-