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Found 9 results

  1. Kevin Love has put together this part along with some photos for the launch of the new SloppyDays.com. Go check out what else is new while your there. Follow us on Instagram // @kevinmlove @steaktage @sloppydays Song: As Usual Artist: Lab Coast Camera: HPX170//Xtreme
  2. gnarfunkle

    Footage Party Full Length Video

    A homie video filmed in and around Vista, California. Featuring full parts from; Kurt Hodge, Jon Bricke, Pat Burke, Cyle Conger, Nick Pope, Dimetrus Collins, Max Fisher, Brent Zinman, Elijah Anderson, Eddy Coscarart, Mike Bricke, Garret Lekas, Rowan Zorilla, Peanut Head, and Jet Caputo. Guest Appearances by; Anthony Shultz, Jorge Colunga, Drew Dezort, Buhda, Jacob Nunez, Jamie Thomas, Ben Gardner, Kyle T, Jon Goemann, Schwan Dogg, Taylor Smith, Brooks Bushman, AJ Zavala, Mercado, Taylor Kirby, and Many many more. Filmed and Edited by Mike Bricke http://footageparty.bigcartel.com/ 5$ shipped DVD w/ paper sleeve 9$ shipped DVD w/ hard case + sticker
  3. This is my very first all HD montage filmed and edited on a Panasonic HPX170. Let me know how you feel about it and please give it a bump regardless so more people have to chance to tell me how they feel! Thanks Filmed with HPX170. Song: You Should Close The Door Artist: Craft Spells Featuring: Jack Bartolucci John Dilorenzo Reese Salken Josh Baker Mikey Glover Dan Delanois Justin Damer Additional Filming: Mikey Glover
  4. buy the video at https://footageparty.bigcartel.com/
  5. Leftover clips that didnt make it into Footage Party Full Length Video available at http://footageparty.bigcartel.com/
  6. Money in hand, upwards of $550. Show me what you've got. Local preferred.
  7. - Shot on a NikonEM, 50mm with Ilford HP5, all natural lighting. Since any photo I take isn't going anywhere other than my flickr or instagram, I don't worry about people in the shots. It feels more candid to me, like Im capturing a moment how it actually was. Thats Mike Abarta in there taking an instagram photo with his iphone if you were wondering. Lets here how this makes you feel.
  8. Hey, so this is probably ABD but, Im going to cali in a few days and I need some skate spots in SD. Im gonna be in encinitas so around there would be the best, Thanks