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Found 9 results

  1. eightyeight


    Chris Gollop Tre Flip Toronto Cesar Huizar Fuck Sylmar Ditch
  2. Featuring: Dan Delanois Chase Norman Kevin Love Josh Baker Justin Damer Tyler Bolar Randy Okolichany Song: Slaughterhouse Artist: Ty Segall let me know what it do for ya
  3. This is my very first all HD montage filmed and edited on a Panasonic HPX170. Let me know how you feel about it and please give it a bump regardless so more people have to chance to tell me how they feel! Thanks Filmed with HPX170. Song: You Should Close The Door Artist: Craft Spells Featuring: Jack Bartolucci John Dilorenzo Reese Salken Josh Baker Mikey Glover Dan Delanois Justin Damer Additional Filming: Mikey Glover
  4. http://footageparty.bigcartel.com/
  5. This is the 4th installment of the STEAKTAGE series. I recently got an HD camera and have only been using it since but I dont plan on keeping it that way. I plan to keep making STEAKTAGE's all VX1000 but only time will tell. Im sorry to bring such disappointing news but sometimes you just have to advance with the times! -Enjoy
  6. - Shot on a NikonEM, 50mm with Ilford HP5, all natural lighting. Since any photo I take isn't going anywhere other than my flickr or instagram, I don't worry about people in the shots. It feels more candid to me, like Im capturing a moment how it actually was. Thats Mike Abarta in there taking an instagram photo with his iphone if you were wondering. Lets here how this makes you feel.
  7. fine - My full length rendition of post "SPREADtheGOOD" footage that was used in other projects besides my own, plus some all new footage. A full part from Dylan Perry and Kevin Shealy, a friends section and a shared part from Tyler Bolar and Travis Ehrlund. Thanks for watching. Follow me on Instagram @Steaktage
  8. So, Ive been an awful mod. I havent been moderating at all over the past 6 months because In that time, I moved across the country from Florida, all the way to California. I havent had internet until now! I have been filming this whole while and managed to start a new series of montages I call "SteakTage". Ive been posting them by going to friends houses to use the internet and thats been a pain in the ass. Havent had the extra time to just lurk or come here and post. But now I'm back! Here are the first 2 montages. gimme some love! SteakTage I SteakTage II
  9. Steak

    3 Skate Photos

    just moved to long beach, cali from west palm beach, fl about 2 weeks ago. just processed 7 rolls of film from my YashicaD. took a few skate photos, nothing serious. all natty light and all portra 160. i have no access to photoshop or anything of that sort right now so 2 of these are actually edited via instagram app. i know and im sorry ahead of time. lol, the switch ollie is straight from the scan from the shop. i dont own a flatbed either. these are just for your possible enjoyment. check out all the other photos on my flickr. thanks