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Found 35 results

  1. wesleybanford

    Wet Promo

    been working on this project for well over a year and a half. Please show us all some support and share, like, comment, whatever you can do spread this around! "WET" A full length film by Wesley Banford featuring Walter Farris, Jon Davis, Logan Bonner, Andrew Lovgren, Byron Avalos, Wesley Banford, Eliseo Cañete, Chandler Hoopes (hopefully), Juan Gutierrez, Jonathan Rodriguez, Joseph Rodriguez, Christian DeCastro summer2016♡♡♡
  2. Filmed and edited this with my buddy Ronnie for ESWIC Clothing. They asked for a park edit or some type of web content for their social media so we headed out. Any and all critiques welcome. Gimme all ya got! Thanks
  3. Finally made the 5th STEAKTAGE. watch, share, comment, enjoy!!!
  4. Short edit of Ronnie Kessner ripping Alga Norte Skatepark in Carlsbad, CA. Song: My Whole World's Coming Apart Artist: John Maus HPX170 Follow on IG: Steaktage
  5. Which skateparks in the LA area are the most fun? Like within the surrounding suburbs and cities, but no more than an hour drive from LA. Going out there this summer for a week and want to spend a few days park hopping, but only to the ones that are worth driving to. thx
  6. Took about two years but it's finally out, 5th video from Zulu Skate Krew. East London skateboarding with a few guys from Southern California. Check it out: [media=640x468] [/media] Vimeo embedding's kinda tiny on here but fullscreen or click the vimeo logo for a bigger view. All critique welcome as always!
  7. This is a part me and john did, with 3 months into Cali. Been super fun and i look forward to doing this as long as we can. Filmed and edited-Chris Rogers
  8. Just uploaded another episode of "SESSIONS", this time with Kevin Love seshing a handrail. Check it out!!! "Have you ever rolled up to a spot and right out the gate, you or all of your friends start to sesh it like you're at your home town skatepark? This segment is meant to exploit that occasional situation. Featuring: Kevin Love Artist: Robert Pete Williams Song: You Used To Be A Sweet Cover Shaker"
  9. Featuring: Dan Delanois Chase Norman Kevin Love Josh Baker Justin Damer Tyler Bolar Randy Okolichany Song: Slaughterhouse Artist: Ty Segall let me know what it do for ya
  10. This is my very first all HD montage filmed and edited on a Panasonic HPX170. Let me know how you feel about it and please give it a bump regardless so more people have to chance to tell me how they feel! Thanks Filmed with HPX170. Song: You Should Close The Door Artist: Craft Spells Featuring: Jack Bartolucci John Dilorenzo Reese Salken Josh Baker Mikey Glover Dan Delanois Justin Damer Additional Filming: Mikey Glover
  11. This is the 4th installment of the STEAKTAGE series. I recently got an HD camera and have only been using it since but I dont plan on keeping it that way. I plan to keep making STEAKTAGE's all VX1000 but only time will tell. Im sorry to bring such disappointing news but sometimes you just have to advance with the times! -Enjoy
  12. Jerome is super legit and just put out one of the sickest, mind blowing videos. Swoop one up fast!
  13. Subscribe and ill subscribe back check out my other videos
  14. Jay-Cub

    My Introductory Post

    Hey guys! My name is Jacob and i'm photographer from Orange County, Ca. I just recently found out about skate perception and am super hyped to start contributing here. I've been shooting about 3 years now, and within the past few months i've started doing flash work. Anyway, I just wanted to post some recent shots and get some feedback from y'all. Thanks for your time guys much appreciated!
  15. popflickcatch

    Dustin Patterson

    Dustin Patterson's part from my full length video First Impressions. Videos still available at http://firstimpressionsthevideo.weebly.com
  16. - Shot on a NikonEM, 50mm with Ilford HP5, all natural lighting. Since any photo I take isn't going anywhere other than my flickr or instagram, I don't worry about people in the shots. It feels more candid to me, like Im capturing a moment how it actually was. Thats Mike Abarta in there taking an instagram photo with his iphone if you were wondering. Lets here how this makes you feel.
  17. fine - My full length rendition of post "SPREADtheGOOD" footage that was used in other projects besides my own, plus some all new footage. A full part from Dylan Perry and Kevin Shealy, a friends section and a shared part from Tyler Bolar and Travis Ehrlund. Thanks for watching. Follow me on Instagram @Steaktage
  18. In January this year, Andy Patterson, Sam & Eric Karafiat, and I took a trip out to Southern California for a little vacation/skate trip. Great spots, bunch of hot tubbin, and awesome people. Homie footy of Taylor Caruso, Alec Ozawa, Glen Hammerle, and Bern Iseli. http://bummerchicago.blogspot.com Check out the article of our trip! Starts at Page 99. http://issuu.com/ale...dmidwest_issue6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTlPkno6-Eg&feature=slpl
  19. TVFilmer

    Lord Carl

    RascalzSZ shredder Carlo Olivos putting it down. Temecula, CA
  20. So, Ive been an awful mod. I havent been moderating at all over the past 6 months because In that time, I moved across the country from Florida, all the way to California. I havent had internet until now! I have been filming this whole while and managed to start a new series of montages I call "SteakTage". Ive been posting them by going to friends houses to use the internet and thats been a pain in the ass. Havent had the extra time to just lurk or come here and post. But now I'm back! Here are the first 2 montages. gimme some love! SteakTage I SteakTage II
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPmwyI9Ys7k&list=UUxe_nxWjrvisYMh_E7AWfpQ SUBSCRIBE!