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Found 9 results

  1. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.
  2. Kaleb Jordan

    Cam Caddie Lock-out

    Not really into filming HD anymore, can send more pics upon request. Hot shoe tripler is included. Asking $50 obo. Open to trades. Offer uppp IMG_2166 by Lurkerlife, on Flickr
  3. Kaleb Jordan

    Fs: Cam Caddie Lockout Kit

    Have a cam caddie I got in a trade for a t3i setup. Asking $60 obo. Also open to trades. Offer up.
  4. Heres a wee video I filmed and edited from a recent trip to Mardid. Any feedback / criticism much appreciatted! (I know using lens flares/light leaks = not cool! ) This is the first skate video I have made since getting my DSLR. Thanks
  5. jeddrockwell

    Budget Diy Cam Caddie Accessories?

    Hey dudes, I was just wondering if anyone has experimented with DIY accessories for Cam Caddie like handles? A friend hooked me up with the base Scorpion handle but, I'd like to both stabilize my camera more with a hook-up to the hot shoe and buy a light to mount on top. The official accessories seem kind of overpriced to me, tho and I bet there's some miscellaneous hardware parts that would work. Attached below is an example of what I want, basically. Except, I also want to mount a light. If I can do that with one connected piece, great. If not, that's okay, too. Any thoughts on this??? Thanks!
  6. So, this is my first time selling something on my own here, please bear with me. I also apologize in advance for the crud iPhone photo's ha. Everything is priced to sell for the most part, and my prices will include shipping and PP fee's. I'm not looking for any trades right now, strictly cash only. Now on to the products! First, I have a Rokinon 8mm fisheye with a chipped lens hood; about 3 CM across the bottom, doesn't affect anything at all. The glass is flawless on both the front and back. Includes both caps, original box, and dust cover for the lens. I'd like $155 shipped. Secondly, I have a Rode Videomic with a deadcat windscreen. This microphone has absolutely no problems. I now use braces bands on it instead of the original bands; they're a lot stronger and help stabilize the microphone better. This includes box w/ original instructions and a package of extra braces bands just incase. I'd like $100 shipped. Last but not least, I have a Cam Caddie Scropion with a lockout kit and the longer accessory wing. Flawless for the most part, except for very minor wear and tear just from use. This includes Cam Caddie Scorpion, Lockout kit, two extra shoe mounts, and the accessory wing. I will also include two one pound weights for free!! I'd like $75-$80 shipped. Keep in mind the wing costs that price alone.
  7. JasonBorn

    Cam Caddie Lock-out Kit

    Title^. I'll pay 30$ for both the green thing and the accessory shoe. Offer up.
  8. JSantiago

    Cam Caddie Accessory Wing

    I just received my wing and shoe mounts today and I ran into a problem. It seems as though my light won't slide onto the wing because of the threads. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this. Also wondering if anyone would recommend shaving the threads off of the light so it'll slide onto the wing. Here's the light not being able to slide down the bar: IMG_6189 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr Here are the threads I'm considering shaving: IMG_6188 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr Thanks!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=my73tiAvV4c Promo for a new montage I've been stacking clips for. Hope you enjoy. (P.S. Edited in iMovie '09.)