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Found 8 results

  1. Just testing the waters to see if there is interest. Recently ran into a brand-new-with-tags Ogio TY2 camera backpack but it's a little too big for me. If there is interest here I'd definitely sell. Probably looking for around $200 USD (plus shipping from Canada, will be calculated if someone is interested) but open to offers. Pic related.
  2. KohlSkates


    I tried to change the title but it won't let me son disregard that this is about Atiba's new bag. Any have that new Atiba bravo camera bag? If so how is it?
  3. Looking for a bag that will fit my HMC150 and also have room for an xtreme w/ rails, t2i body with two/three lenses, ect. Not looking for anything gigantic.
  4. JSantiago

    Fs: Canon 200eg Camera Bag

    Extremely mint. No flaws whatsoever on this bag. Used for a few months but I upgraded equipment and this is no longer suitable. I'd like $25 shipped for it.
  5. Daniel Hasson

    Wtb: Vx1k Batterys + Lowepro

    Hey SP, I'm looking to buy two working VX1000 battery's and a lowepro camera bag. Preferably a 'Flipside 400 AW' lowepro bag. Or a Ty Evans, Skatefairy bag. But I need a new bag because mine broke and I need one that will fit a VX1000, MK1, Nikon D70, a small capture cam, 12-24mm and 50mm lens'. If you've got JUST VX battery's or JUST a bag, then please PM me or if you have BOTH then still please PM me. Thank you.
  6. Hit me up with offers. Good condition. I also have a tamrac Expedition 7 for sale and possibly trade....Both work, and look like new theres nothing to complain about.
  7. natezfilmer

    Wtb Ty Evans Bag 1 Or 2

    im looking to buy a ty 1 or ty2 camera bag. willing to pay high dollar. i need one asap so pm with a price and ill make it happen
  8. fenn

    Wtb Ogio Ty2 Backpack

    I want the Ogio Ty 2 backpack for my vx setup. Anyone got one for sale? (UK or Europe)