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Found 5 results

  1. SONY VX2000, 3 batteries, dual charger, brand new firewire, filters, and case $475 + S&H GAF SUPER 8mm + (1) 50ft roll of Kodachrome 40 film $45 shipped Top row: Obey XL $10 + S&H 10Deep XL $13 + S&H Second row: JSLV XL $10 + S&H OBEY L $10 + S&H OBEY L $10 + S&H Top row: Diamond Yacht XL(brand new) $13 + S&H Diamond Gem XL(brand new) $13 + S&H Diamond DMND XL $10 + S&H Second row: Diamond Stevie XL(brand new) $13 + S&H Diamond LIFE XL $10 + S&H Top row: Diamond DMND XL(brand new) $13 + S&H Diamond Camo XL $10 + S&H Middle row: Diamond Flag XL $10 + S&H Diamond x Chocolate XL $10 + S&H Bottom row: Diamond Anglers XL $10 + S&H Diamond Script XL(brand new) $13 + S&H Top row: Matix L $10 + S&H Bones XL $10 + S&H Crooks&Castles M $10 + S&H Middle row: Brixton XL(big logo on back) $10 + S&H Altamont L $10 + S&H Bottom row: Vans L $10 + S&H Independent XL(big logo on back) $10 + S&H Lowcard Longsleeve L $15 + S&H
  2. TarynRWard

    Vx2000 Trade.

    Anyone wanna trade a VX2000 for a VX1000? Obviously I'll provide pictures to anyone interested. Thanks.
  3. ChaseRyderFreeman

    Sponsor Me Video

    This is a video I am sending to companies right now to get sponsored let me know what you think I edited it my self so you can critique me and let me know thanks
  4. okay guys so im tyring to get into filming more seriously and i was wondering the best place to find a vx1000 or what other suggestions for a camera would be.
  5. I'm interested in purchasing a VX1000 but I'm not sure on which one to get. I know the Japanese one is cheaper but I want an American one so I can actually understand what I'm doing.