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Found 10 results

  1. scarecorw88skate

    Best Capture Software For Vx1000 On Windows

    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 to capture my footage, and it's not very good because my videos end up looking very foggy on YouTube. I do use the internal settings, and I render out of aecs6 with dv settings. I could be capturing with bad capturing settings, but I'm not sure, but if I'm not, please give me some advice on some free or pirate-able captureing software. Thank you.
  2. I've been filming for a very long time, and a lot with my vx1000, I had just sent it out about a month ago to video electronics to get it repaired. (Broken VAP, dirty heads, broken viewfinder cable, sketchy tape deck) It was definitely worth the money to repair it, but when I got my vx back i was having the same issues with glitching when i imported footage, its not a visual glitch where theres distortion in the footage or audio glitching, its literally like the my footage is clipping itself into pieces so, the end result when importing is about 50 segments to one clip. Its really annoying and even if i merge the clips into 1 they have a lag to them and skip. I had contacted kerry about it because obviously I'm upset about paying so much money to get a camera back with the same issues, and he had said that it sounded like a software issue and i should hit up the forums to see who could help. So just taking a shot in the dark here, thanks guys ahead of time. - Kyle
  3. ManipulatedMinds

    Cap Cam!

    Hey, if anyone has a capture camera I would love to buy it.
  4. hey guys i just bought a dvx100 from a guy and he gave me a jvc gr-d94u to put the footage on to the computer. since the cam is older the computer doesn't have any updated drivers for it, when i try to capture the footage my computer wont even recognize the device as a camera and i have a pc running on windows 7(sony vaio). i need help!!!!!
  5. scarecorw88skate

    Capture Cam Bullshit

    FUCK!!!!!!!! I film with a VX1000, and like a smart vx owner I know its essential to have a separate mini dv camcorder for capturing footage onto your computer, SO I recently bought one from a guy on skate perception....after waiting for a week It finally arrives BUT *I plugged in to my computer* & apparently I needed special software for the camera, which I have never needed before with previous camcorders, so my computer never saw the functioning camcorder as a connected device, which ment that I couldn't capture........ Later.... I decided to buy another one from ebay BUT theres a problem, I put the tape in close the first door and then it just shoots the door back open , and the camera beeps... ....I just ordered a third cap cam from amazon, HOPEFULLY it will work since amazon is more reliable and trustworthy... for now, FUCK buying cameras from skateperception and ebay, cant fucken trust these sellers anymore..... It pisses me off so much , and creates so much more unneeded stress... And sorry if I sound like a whiny bitch but I had to vent somewhere where other people could relate...
  6. I'm getting a vx1 in a few days from my cousin and I don't have a firewire port in my computer to capture from. It also doesn't seem to have ports for a firewire card. I've heard all around the internet that firewire to USB cables don't work; is there anything I can do other than get a different computer? If it helps I have a Dell Inspiron N4030.
  7. indyskatefilms

    Vx1000 Capture

    I'm using adobe premiere elements since I haven't torrented anything like fcp or premiere pro. I'm used to working with avchd footage, so im new to editing dv footage. When I capture it works fine but the clips have pretty shitty quality. my project settings are DV 480 standard since that's the native format of the footage. if anyone has experience editing with premiere elements and knows how to improve quality please help me out I know this sounds stupid but im used to editing hd footage that is a lot easier to work with
  8. hhsmith5

    Capture Cam

    Hey i might be buying a trv900 with fisheye and everything but i dont have anther SD camera that uses tapes so i dont have a capture cam. If i dont have one will that ruin the TRV900? Please HELP!
  9. Callumalmost

    Raymod For Vx1000, And Sony Cam

    If your selling either of these PM me, looking for a Raymod fisheye to fit a Vx1000 and a cheap sony capture cam, also if you got some batteries that fit the vx1000 I might think about buying some. I live in the Uk Birmingham to be exact, so you would need to be okay to ship here or local. Thanks for reading and don't be shy Pm me!
  10. ManipulatedMinds

    Capture Cam?

    When it comes to capture cameras does it really matter what model? i was gunna get the sony handycam dcr-hc20