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Found 7 results

  1. It's been years since I've been on SP, glad it's back! Been shooting VX for the last 12 years, finally upgraded to a HMC150 +Xtreme, last week. The camera seller threw in a Rode NTG1 - I've been playing around with it and the mic's so long it shows up in the fisheye., Quick question - if i pull the mic back level with the camera and buy a new foam (wind shield) protector thats shorter or cut my existing one - will I have any issues? If not should I buy a new smaller mic? What are the options? Thanks In Advance.
  2. Hello everyone, looking for a USED Century Xtreme Fisheye to buy. I'm based in Milano, Italy but I've been looking for one for a while now and they're nearly impossible to come by used in Europe. Any help much appreciated! S.
  3. JSantiago

    Wtb: Century Xtreme For Hmc/hpx

    Looking to purchase an Xtreme with or without the rails for my HMC150. Message me if you're selling on or post on here and I'll get back to you. Thanks!
  4. This is for my homie Thomas, super legit dood. "Century Optics Xtreme Fisheye (HVX-200) with Cavision Support Rails: $1,700.00 Firm (No scratches, comes with front and back lens caps, I've taken very, very good care of this fisheye. The glass is perfect.) Panasonic Mic Holder (No Screws): $20 OBO VX-1000 Remote Control: $10 OBO Merkury Optics 82mm UV filter: $5 OBO Tiffen 52mm UV filter: $5 OBO Monoprice XLR cable: $5 OBO Quick Release Plate with Screw: $5 OBO" message him on here under the handle "lurkallday" or email him at thomastucker89@hotmail.com.
  5. Featuring: Dan Delanois Chase Norman Kevin Love Josh Baker Justin Damer Tyler Bolar Randy Okolichany Song: Slaughterhouse Artist: Ty Segall let me know what it do for ya
  6. just feeling the market on this lens (hmc/hpx) send me some pictures and a starting price, not looking to blow the bank on a brand new one preferribly with rails
  7. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade a Century Xtreme Fisheye + Rods for a few items -Rome sds Limited Edition Hammerhead Test Board Graphic 153 wide -Signed Eric Willett Pro Model 163 Wide -Union X Capita Ultra Fear Limited Edition bindings size:m/L -Anon goggles -2013 thirtytwo lashed boots size: 9 -Limited Edition Vans X Airblaster boots size:9 (unridable but a collectors item) -Opteka 82mm .4 fisheye