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Found 17 results

  1. I'm bummed the board gets lost a bit, tried my best to do the trick some justice. I was hyped on this one!! Always wanted a photo at sunken city.
  2. nick5817

    Critique Needed

    I know i need to get higher on the first one to see the gap over. I don't know if this is me but it keeps gettting greyish in the video please tell me thanks and if anyone watched wilfred tell me what they think of it
  3. Jay-Cub

    Full Pipe, Heelflip, & Ollie

    I know it's considered amateurish to have a flash in the frame, but in most cases with full pipes I like to think it's a little more acceptable? So i decided to give it a shot. Heelflip Ollie Crit Please! Thanks Y'all!
  4. lizardmaldokill

    Couple Illustrations

    critique if you like
  5. Watch it and let me know what ya'll think. Thanks dudes.
  6. This photo kinda sucks, so please feel free to critique it. *edit* Here's a second angle that might be a bit better.
  7. Jay-Cub

    Cheeto - Ollie

    Hey everyone I'd love to get some critique on this one. This was the first time in a while where I felt a bit uncomfortable with the lighting situation. I'd love to some feedback thanks guys.
  8. youngggtone

    Burnt Fajitas

    I know the squeaky cruiser fucks up the audio but critique/like/suscribe. Thanks.
  9. jakebenjamin

    Skatepark Clip

    i didn't have a filmer board so filming lines was kind of hard but let me know what you think:
  10. Vx2100Nick


    First time using my Canon Rebel XSI in like a year. I am not really good at all, but i hope i can get better over the time of learning from my mistakes. Tell me what i can do better with these, Thanks! These were all took while we were snowboarding earlier. Let me know.
  11. 2 mins of all skatepark footage put together for a friend. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzMFfbU6O68 Constructive criticism pls.
  12. Mohammad Naguib

    Park Edit, Critique

    Any comments or tips regarding my filming and editing would be much appreciated. http://youtu.be/yvgzD4jSMtE Filmed with vx1000/raymod setup, and a sony hi8 camera. Captured and Edited in Premiere.