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Found 9 results

  1. skimpjs

    Wtb Mk1 For Vx1000

    I have about $500 looking to buy a used Mk1 in good shape
  2. Hey guys, trying to help a friend get rid of his GL2/ Century Death Lens bundle. Heres the link if any one is interested: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Canon-GL-2-Camcorder-W-Century-Fisheye-Death-Lens-NO-RESERVE-Canon-GL-2-Cam-/171748437184?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item27fd012cc0 I'm sure this isnt the place to post this, if a Mod wants to delete it, do yo tang! If not, greatly appreciate anyone who looks. It's a pretty good deal for just the glass alone. Not looking to seperate it, but anyone who knows the camera/lens knows that this is a reasonable deal. If you're intrested in just the lens, then think of it as buying the lens and getting the camera for free. (then you could sell the camear seperately.) Thanks for looking.
  3. Need a lens real, bad fucked my last one and need something to hold me over.
  4. I made this a few weeks ago. Forgot to throw it up. This is a rough edit video part for a full length I'm trying to make. Not all this clips in this are gonna be in the actual video part. Also I was transitioning setups throughout the video. I used and mk2 mod, a mk1 mod with a vx2000 and vx1000. Long lens filmed with the 2000. Also a couple of the clips in this are glitchy. Problems fixed now.Not gonna be the final song. I hope you enjoy.
  5. Hello all, Haven't posted on here in years but it's good to be back! I'm selling my mint condition sony VX1000 with a Century Optics .3x ultra fisheye MK1 AKA deathlens. She's in perfect working condition and was serviced fairly recently by Kerry at VideoElectronics in Reading, MA (full tune-up including head cleaning and ribbon cable replacement). The lens is in perfect condition as well. This camera has NEVER been hit by any skateboards, shoes, heads, the ground, etc. I will also include a camera bag, lens cleaning kit, head cleaning tape, some new tapes (sony premiums, of course) and whatever else I find lying around my apartment that is camera related. I'm selling the ENTIRE package for $800. I can ship but would prefer to meet in or around New York City as that is where I live. Email me at davejnoonan@gmail.com if you're interested, have any questions, concerns, whatever. I should respond promptly. Thanks! Dave
  6. Hi all, I have an Xtreme for sale, going for around £1995, happy to ship across the pond. It has a small scratch which does not show up on footage. Insurance gave me a new one so i have no need for it and i need the money. I can provide photos & footage. I want a nice easy and most of all honest sale. Get in touch if you're keen! Santiago.
  7. matt_enright

    Opteka 62mm On Dvx?

    hi, i was wondering if an opteka 62mm death lens would look good on a dvx, or would it have horrible vig, or if anyone has it, could you send test footage. thanks