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Found 3 results

  1. over the past 10 months, my vx1000 and I have had some amazing times, Im about 80% finished with a video I started in January, and along the way my vx1000 has accumulated a few "bumps and bruises" so to speak... 1st some lense hits, then a bigger problem, my microphone got hit filming a line, and needless to say, it popped right off, i thought that it was done for right there, but after not accepting the fact of the matter, i try to fix it, it eventually starts working again, so I tape it back on and continue with filming my video... then about a month or 2 after the mic incident, I was filming a buddie of mine from texas who was in Cali for a few weeks, were out having a good time and the last thing on my mind was the potential daykiller that was about to happen, were at one of my faveorite spots, a 3 stair shoot out ledge, I was filming fish eye, obviously, and my buddie had just landed his trick, but he didnt think that he grinded long enough, so that very next try he goes, locks in, sticks, board smacks downward on my fisheye, ripping it and the front lense piece clean off, the camera then proceded to make a fucked up horrid clicking noise, and you could NOT see through the eye piece... we pack it up and start the 80mile drive home to SD, the whole way home i contemplated ways to get it working again, my buddy from texas felt so bad he gave me $60, (all the $$$ in his pockets) and bought me some brew, i got fucked up that night and woke up the next morning eager to fix my camera, i start fiddling around with buttons, and then BOOM the eyepiece come back, BUT the camera is unable to focus, and constantly is trying to adjust the focus(even when in manual focus) I also found out that the clicking appeared to becoming from the head, and that it would stop if I turned the camera on its side(in my hands), my homie Jerome from AZ said something about magnets??? ANYWAYS MY UNDYING GRATTITUDE TO ANYONE WILLING TO FIX MY CAMERA, I WILL OBVIOUSLY PAY YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES! PLEASE DONT MAKE ME GO HD YET LOL thank you very much for taking the time to read this, HELP ME FINISH WHAT I STARTED!!!! "EMBRACE THE CHAOS" is standing at 39mins the run time will be around 45-47mins, All filmed by yours truely, Im not accepting footage that I didnt film, so help me fix my camera and keep VX RAW MODE!!!!
  2. hotelhighway

    Mk1 [can Pay Immediately]

    Looking to buy an Mk1 for my vx1000, haven't been able to find one, any suggestions would be much appreciated. email garretthyatt17@gmail.com youtube.com/zongulous ***
  3. but i love chef

    Wtb: Stylus Epic Infinity

    fuck ebay.. has to be working and not a zoom model. has to be the 2.8 infinity epic.. please somebody has to have one. oh, and you have to be a legitimate user.