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Found 5 results

  1. So I've already edited and exported a video as quicktime conversion out of FCP 7. Typically when Im uploading a video to youtube I resize up to 1440 x 1080 and de-interlace the footage in mpeg streamclip. What Im trying to figure out is if it's necessary to upres my footage from 720 x 480 if I am going to be putting it into Adobe Encore, making menus, and sending the file out to have cases and discs duplicated by a professional company? Also as a sidenote any wisdom about having DVDs made would be greatly appreciated.
  2. aj1000

    Vhs And Dvd Sell And Trade

    Have a old vhs's and trying to get money quick. Have two copy's of a skate video. Don't go through the troubles of putting up a eBay page. Find and sell your old or new skate videos today. Sell just one skate video or sell you whole collection. No scams and no rip off's. ( just to note I "aj1000" am not selling any skate DVDs or vhs's)
  3. sparkyskates911

    Sun Dried Dvds $10 (florida Full Length)

    Thought it would be worth a post in here to see if anyone wants to buy my video SUN DRIED! Just premiered last weekend. It's a 40 minute DVD with parts from 10 Florida rippers, plus an intro, friends section and interlude-type montage. Here is the latest trailer: I have an online store at mkt.com/sun-dried-video The video is on sale for $10+$3 shipping. Check out the trailer and order one if you like what you see! Let me know what you guys think
  4. JustSkate401

    Wtb: Old Skate Videos - Vhs & Dvd

    anyone got some older skate videos that they wouldnt mind letting go of? Specifically looking for Static I and Static II, but will consider others as well.
  5. shamstalent

    Dvd Help

    Working on a fairly large project compromised of 21 videos roughly 4-5 minutes each plus an intro and promo. Were talking 75 to 90 min of video. Can anyone point me in some software that i can make chapters for burning the video? Obviously free is a plus but I do have a budget where I can buy software. I also plan on just using my imac to burn the dvd's which will take a long while but any money is spend is less in my pocket. Any help is appreciated.