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Found 34 results

  1. snakechild

    Wtb: Sd Setup...vx Or Dvx

    hey everyone! i've dipped into HD filming for the last six months or so... and honestly, i'm not feeling it. sure i love how easy it is to import footage, and it's beautiful and clear..but i miss SD, even though i hate tapes.. BUT i currently own a Panasonic HVX200 (892 hours) 16x9 EXII bayonet fisheye for the HVX 104gbs of P2 (1x64gb, 2x16gb, 2x4gb) 3 batteries (2 aftermarket, 1 panasonic) battery charger & remote KATA MC-61 bag USB transfer cable & HVX book by barry green... totally willing to trade all of this (maybe even some cash...depending)w for a full VX/MK1 or DVX/MK2 setup... email me for a quicker response... aaronjleach@gmail.com or text at 208-9FIVE4-788FIVE i can email or text you photos of my camera if you're interested. living in costa mesa, california currently... so not sure if anyone is around here. Thanks guys!!
  2. petermartn

    Mk2 Different Hoods

    Why do some Century Mk2 lenses have a four petal hood and some have a two petal hood? Is there a difference in the optics at all? Is one a newer version, or do different camera mounts have different hoods or what? Thanks for any replies.
  3. I just uploaded 2 parts from my full length "SUN DRIED" Jake Sanso and Matt Ramsey Let me know what you think
  4. tbt to a year ago c: dvx100 / vx1000 / sony handicam hi8 filmed by me / jesse meza / kane caples
  5. Crust: Highschoolhouseparty is a blog straight out of long island Ny. A blog mostly about skateboarding in miscellaneous stuff. Links: Highschoolhouseparty.tumblr.com Instagram: highschoolhouseparty
  6. i made this a while ago but i barely started using my account again just a fun edit. 80% of it was filmed in one night. the rest was some throwaway i tossed in. feedback is always nice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&persist_app=1&v=2K2FH1h16xg Chinatown, LA / DVX-100a with Opteka)
  7. ive gone through 3 lens since january whos tryna sell me one (72mm) I really just need the front element. Opteka or Century Optic
  8. message me if you want to sell me a vx1k setup or if you want to trade a vx1k setup for a dvx setup
  9. Chris Deso filmed on a DVX100 / MKII just some chill stuff filmed in like an hour or so ive never filmed tranny stuff before whats good with a sub! gonna be putting more stuff out super soon
  10. zackpoops

    Sf I Guess

    " what happens when you decide to go to San Francisco for a day filmed/edited by @filmerbored … long lens by @brewshits in order of appearance: John Lindsey, Christian Griego, Katsuya Shiratori, Spencer Semien, Marc Ohata, Chris Kraft, Thomas Morris, Zack Lopez, Jade Godinez " went to sf a few weeks ago. finally got around to putting this together feedback / likes / subs / followers / haters are always appreciated !
  11. I have a Panasonic Dvx100a setup that I am looking to get rid of. I've been in college now for some time and just don't use it anymore, and could use the money. I've only used Sony Premium tapes and the camera has never experience any hits or drops. I've also used a capture cam to reduce the likelihood of dirty heads, and that has only seen Sony Premiums as well. Setup: Dvx100a, great condition. Lowepro bag, fits everything really nice. (lenses, batteries, tapes) Century Optics MK2 (dvx version), glass is pristine, no scratches at all. 3 batteries Battery charger Lens cleaner & microfiber cloth 1 Sony Premium tape. I am willing to split the camera with the bag and accessories, and then obviously I will split the lens as well. I am looking for around $900 for the camera and bag etc., and would split the lens for around $450. I am more than willing to negotiate for prices. I can post pictures on here if people are that interested, otherwise feel free to text me whenever for pictures and negotiating. (262)527-6426 Thanks, Eli.
  12. brazillionaire

    Nova Vlna (new Wave):

    i'll be posting here every week the following chapters hope u enjoy it. tomas' got the style --- This is the first chapter of one single short film that tries to criate a dialogue between skateboarding in Prague and the history of this city and Czechslovakia, in special the events that went down over the 60's in the country. For that I used footage and sound either from historical videos of the Prague Spring and Warsaw Pact Invasion in Prague periods, as from fiction films of the Czechslovak New Wave movement, such as Daisies (Sedmikrasky, 1966) and Birds, Orphans and Fools (Vtackovia, siroty a blazni, 1969), hence the title.
  13. this is all throwaway for the full length video we are working on.
  14. Made this quick park edit of my friend Ethan Martin. Critique anything! Filmed this on my Dvx100/Opteka. I didn't have my cruiser with me so the audio isn't as good as it could be.
  15. Haven't filmed in almost a month. A little rusty. Critique this if you'd like. And, yes i know, my lens is destroyed.
  16. matt_enright

    Want To Buy 72mm Fisheye

    hi, i just got my dvx100b, and im looking at buying a cheap fisheye for it. it can have minor scratches and whatnot. im willing to trade stuff to, just tell me what your looking for. it has to be $100 or less if im buying with $ not trade
  17. Tell me what you guys think http://www.youtube.com/embed/aJF-5Ebsjqc
  18. like the title of the thread says, im selling my dvx100 mk2 setup. it is in average condition, and everything works 100%. the lens has no scratches on it at all either. i will sell for 1200 shipped, or trade for a vx1000 mk1 setup. feel free to pm me with any questions n shit
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtYc-jvTslM some new footy
  20. Found one of these mic holders that I have no use for. I figured someone on here could use it. I know it fits the HVX200 but I think it also works for the DVX100 series and a few more cameras. Correct me if I'm wrong. Please PM me or email me if you are interested: tjgaskill.media@gmail.com
  21. FinnFilms

    Need A Used Mk2 For Dvx100 (bayo)

    Need a used Mk2 for dvx100, has to be a bayo mount to put on my HMC150, email or PM me to work out a price. email: fjudell@gmail.com Thanks Finn