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Found 56 results

  1. filmed and edited in a day made it as a promo for some stuff the homies clothing brand put out a few weeks ago cbnc.us
  2. a new edit for the shirt we put out a little while back wanted to try and mainly get long lens for this probably wont do that again haha help support but subscribing / following / grabbing a tee !
  3. zackpoops

    Park & Rec

    hiiiiiiii. havent been on here in a minute! v .. go follow hah .. v
  4. heres the last promo for me and my chums video. prolly premiering like summer or early fall get hyped!
  5. For sale I have a DVX100a with an Opteka fisheye and 3 batteries + charger. Also comes with a Tamrac bag. 350 obo + shipping if needed. Paypal or Money Order only please. Thanks. PM me or send mail to tweakrabbit@gmail.com.
  6. I have a Panasonic Dvx100a setup that I am looking to get rid of. I've been in college now for some time and just don't use it anymore, and could use the money. I've only used Sony Premium tapes and the camera has never experience any hits or drops. I've also used a capture cam to reduce the likelihood of dirty heads, and that has only seen Sony Premiums as well. Setup: Dvx100a, great condition. Lowepro bag, fits everything really nice. (lenses, batteries, tapes) Century Optics MK2 (dvx version), glass is pristine, no scratches at all. 3 batteries Battery charger Lens cleaner & microfiber cloth 1 Sony Premium tape. I am willing to split the camera with the bag and accessories, and then obviously I will split the lens as well. I am looking for around $900 for the camera and bag etc., and would split the lens for around $450. I am more than willing to negotiate for prices. I can post pictures on here if people are that interested, otherwise feel free to text me whenever for pictures and negotiating. (262)527-6426 Thanks, Eli.
  7. Tylerserra

    5 Tricks

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y61boEAvyw Subscribe TylerSerra5
  8. jesseskates

    Does Any Micmuff Wok?

    Whats the difference between a 5 dollar mic muff and a 30 dollar mic muff? Do they still get the job done, ive never had one before so i need some help with this. Im getting it for my dvx
  9. Daniel Hasson


    I wasn't to sure which thread this topic should've gone in so sorry if its in the wrong one and you're pissed off right now haha. Anyway, I was just wondering, does the HVX200 have the same bayonet mount size as the DVX100A? Thanks.
  10. Feel free to critique me in any thing that you think i could have done better, i really want to improve in my films. Nothing too harsh please lol
  11. TomTravers

    Can't Capture Footage From Dvx

    I have a windows vista desktop that does not have a firewire port, so I tried using a wire that connects from the audio video slots on the camera and has connects to usb slot. Whenever I try to capture with adobe premiere elements 8, it doesn't recognize the device. This used to work on my windows 7 laptop for sony vegas, but my laptop is broken and I don't have vegas anymore. Can someone help me find some wire or anything that will let me capture on my vista through elements 8?
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byuYRBQAfcs