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Found 39 results


    "within & Without"

    New visual "Within & Without" I hope you enjoy. Feel free to check out more - http://www.yxnivrs.com/
  2. dom_hurley

    Help Needed

    Wow it's been 3 years since I've been on SP... Lesson learned: never let anyone or anything get between you and your camera! Does anyone know how I can get the full version of FCP 7?! I used to be deep in the filming life. Had a filmer board, desktop mac, final cut 7, and my precious vx2 mk2 set up. But then life happened and fucked all that up and I had nothing at one point. I just ordered a vx2 and bought a MacBook Pro. Ive been patient and have honestly tried to use FCP X but its way too simple for me, its like i might as well be using windows movie maker. Or if you know something similar to it that would be helpful too. The dreams of being a filmer again are so close. Anything helps! Thanks!
  3. Flatts flounder

    Lame Montages?

    i just want feedback.....dont hold back Thanks
  4. Sup dudes, I want to open a YouTube channel and have the SkatePerception community involved. Basically from what i've been brainstorming the channel would consist of: Filming, Photographer & Editing How-To's​How it would work: A skateperception member can film their how to weather it be on filming, editing or photography then they will send the clips to a video editor who is a skateperception member to edit the video together and render it out then finally send it to me to upload. At the end of each video it will say which members were involved in the making of the video and have www.forums.skateperception.com at the end to hopefully bring in new members. Interviews/Insight with members (Filmers, photographers, editors)​​How it would work: I would send the skateperception member a number of various questions for example ( how they got into filming, photography or editing, any new projects, goals, current camera gear, favorite project ever created or been involved in ect.) Then they would set up there camera and film all the answers to the questions then email it too a video editor who is a skateperception member to edit the video together render it out then finally send it too me to upload. At the end of each video it will say which members were involved in the making of the video and end on www.forums.skateperception.com to hopefully bring in new members. Feature the Filmer​How it would work: A filmer who is also a skateperception member would send me a video via www.wetransfer.com they put together which they would like to be featured. At the end of the video it will say the member's name and there social media ect. Who wants to get involved? If you want to get involved tell us in the comments of this topic or want to contribute more ideas and concepts let us know. Also what could we name the channel? Thanks, Jarred
  5. jtmcgee16

    Settings For Gh1

    what are some good solid settings for final cut 7 for hd and what about mpegstreamclip settings as well?
  6. Ive recently been experiencing my clips becoming glitchy and choppy the next day after uploading them the previous night. I understand that quicktime sometimes freezes but it does the same in Final Cut. When one of the clips was playing fine I exported it to .mov to see if that worked, it played fine then the next day the same problem. These are all new clips, my old clips from about 6months ago don't glitch and play through fine. My mac doesn't have the port for the capture cam so all my clips are from an external hard rive in AVI format then using MPEGSTREAM_CLIP I export them to DV format. Only new clips from the last week are doing this and I've transferred many videos to another hard drive to see if my mac was having trouble coping with so many DV files but the problem continued. Any one have any ideas, or is my mac slowly dying? It does take about 10 minutes to boot. Cheers Kane.
  7. Im wondering if i should get a mac or pc for editing skate stuff, i might be doing some gaming like wow becuz im a nub and life's getting boring. My budget would be about 1k and on both sides mac and pc what would be the better buy thank yuh
  8. This is something I’ve been working on for a while and it’s finally alive so would be so stoked for you guys to check it out. Ramped Slow Mo app for the iPhone. Set your in and out points, choose the speed and boom, fully flared/pretty sweet eat your heart out! Just type in 'Ramped' in the app store and it should come up, here’s a link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ramped-slow-mo/id734414902?ls=1&mt=8 Check the insta hashtag #rampedslowmoapp, and if you dig it, write a review & 5 star it! That helps more than you think.
  9. Does this look lame? or does this please you? Keep in mind I don't really care if the vhs look is over done. This just amuses me, i don't plan on over doing this for every clip.
  10. A montage of clips from mixed locations. If you guys could comment on it telling me what you think thatd be awesome. thanks guys.
  11. Hey so I am currently in the market to buy a new computer. My old laptop shit the bed... Also it could not handle high def clips. I need a cpu that can edit hd skate footage and comes with a good word processor (for school). My current editing system is Sony Vegas 10. My budget is $600, I figure with that price a desktop might be my best option. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you. -Duane
  12. Ursu

    T2i Or T3i?

    Hello, I have scoped in on two cameras, the canon t2i and t3i, to purchase for filming and photography. Before I go out and spend a good deal of money on one of them I was wondering, is the t3i worth the extra cash over the t2i? Thanks! -ursu
  13. I would like my video critiqued on Editing and Filming. I'm new to my vx and i'm wondering what my filming is like! Thanks!
  14. I'm getting a vx1 in a few days from my cousin and I don't have a firewire port in my computer to capture from. It also doesn't seem to have ports for a firewire card. I've heard all around the internet that firewire to USB cables don't work; is there anything I can do other than get a different computer? If it helps I have a Dell Inspiron N4030.
  15. I fucked the title up.. I just made this edit this week with some footage from the past 2 months. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. I used a T3i with a Rokinon 8mm Fisheye for a most of this. For a few shots I used the 18-55mm kit lens and a canon EF-S 55-250mm telephoto lens. For the audio I used a Rode video mic pro.
  16. CentralWIHDSLR

    Can't Drag Media To Timeline

    I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (64 bit) and I can import .avi clips to the project media tab but can't get them to the timeline. I tried closing the program, right clicking on the icon, going to properties, compatibility, and unchecking the "run as administrator" box but that doesn't seem to work. (That seemed to be the best solution for other people with the same problem) I've been trying to figure this out for a week now. Someone please help
  17. Kaleb Jordan

    Crushing Blacks In Sony Vegas

    Does anyone know of an effective way to do this? I've seen a lot of filmers do it to their vx1 footy and I want to try it out, but they're usually using fcp and I have yet to find an alternative through sony vegas.
  18. Hello. I've recently been messing around with my settings because they looked like this: Very grainy and not crisp and clear. I want to render in HD but this always happens. I am using sony vegas pro 11, and under Sony MP4/AVC i chose the settings "Internet 1080p" and this is the result. any help with making it better? Thanks in advance.
  19. I've been editing for a long time (6 years, started when I was around 8) and I really want to go far with it, so I want to try something crazy i've never done before. How can I achieve an effect like the ones shown in this video? (With the clouds timelapse'd and the skating at a normal speed) Thanks in advance.
  20. TheDailyFilmer

    Wtb-capture Cam

    I'm looking for a cap cam for cheap. Just need charger camera that atleast the tape deck works on and the battery. Left my old one at a spot and it wasn't there when we went back lol. guess a bum picked it up
  21. CKurylo7

    Macbook Pro Or Mac Mini

    Hey guys, so i'm wondering which route I should take, pay about double (Around 1200+) for the Macbook Pro or pay around (600-800) for the Mac mini. I want to get FCP for my a software, and want the mac for the software and have heard they are better than PC's for artsy types of stuff. I'm currently using a really old Dell laptop and am undecided on the too choices. I know I'll have to buy a monitor, mouse, keyboard if I get the mini. Which way should I go?
  22. Kaleb Jordan

    Computer For Editing?

    What would be best route for a computer that has firewire and edits HD smoothly? if macbook, what is the earliest macbook year that can still edit HD footy smoothly? I'm on a pretty low budget, looking to spend around 600.
  23. zlem7975

    Nikon D5100 Vs. Canon 600d

    My birthday is this week and I have been a skateboarder all my life and recently got into film editing. I edit videos using the footage my friend gets. I just switched my major to film editing and now I just need to get the actual filming part down. I am trying to chose between the Nikon D5100 and the Canon EOS 600D (Rebel T3i). I have read several reviews on both of them and I still can't decide. I figured maybe getting suggestions from fellow shredders will help my decision. Thanks!