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Found 8 results

  1. Vx2k-FCPx10.3.1-RoxioToast16 Hey guys, I’ve been battling this issue for a bit. My project has been complete for weeks and I can’t seem to burn a DVD/master without terrible horizontal lines in it. When i try to save a master file or DVD the lines appear through the video and then when i change to other formats the lines disappear but has severe quality loss. The video is only decently viewable on my computer when it’s codec is saved in ProRes4444xq and for some reason Toast16 will not let me burn that to a DVD. It crashes toward the end of the process with an error message. I tried going back through and selecting all of the footage and deinterlacing but same luck when trying to burn it to a disk image. Please if anybody could help me figure this out I’d be forever indebted. I’m having a Premiere for this in a week and would prefer a hardcopy than just hooking up my laptop to a projector! Here’s a photo of some of the lines I’m talking about sorry for the phone quality.
  2. Ok so when I capture footage from my Canon GL1 to Final Cut Pro X and then import the clip into the program the clips audio sounds like it's underwater or something.. but when i go to watch the clip saved in its original place (finder) it plays completely normal? has this happened to anyone else? heres a little test to show what it sounds like.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-kpypb5GQs&feature=youtu.be
  3. Normally whenever i right clikck to add a cross dissolve between clips, it allows me to. but i've noticed that SOMETIMES when i'm trying to add one it just does no add one. do i have something hidden? or is there something that needs to be check before so i can add the dissolve?????? it's so frustrating
  4. So I've read a fair amount of threads about this but I want to make sure before I start filming this important video. Are these the correct steps for getting the best quality when uploading to youtube. Film at 1080p 25fps before importing to FCPX go onto mpeg stream clip and change all clips you want to use into pro res 422 files at 1080p then import into final cut and place on a 1080p/25fps timeline edit the footy export as a pro res 422 file at 1080p 25fps then go onto mpeg stream clip and convert it too 720p and h.264 at 25fps is this correct or am I missing a few steps? I'm sort of paranoid because I want to get this correct, haha.
  5. when,i,import,into,fcpx,from,a,firewire,it,flashes,black,a,shit,ton..i,figured,it,was,nothing,but,the,clip,was,cut,into,tons,of,like,1second,clips..it,only,does,this,with,one,tape,and,i,really,want,the,footy..WUTHSHOULDIDO sorry,4,all,these,commas,but,my,spacebar,is,broke
  6. I currently use fcpx and i can't use color correction that well because i can't see half of the tab (idk why?). So should i just get after effects and color correct in that or what? And if so i need a quick & easy workflow with final cut and after effects..any suggestions???
  7. alright so my capture camera got stolen a couple weeks ago and i finally got a new one and sat down to capture some tapes. i went through a bunch of bullshit to get a charger for it and finally got it to charge and shit, and i plugged it in and started playing back and it plays perfectly on the camera, but in fcp it plays with black spots showing really fast in the clips like all skippy and every time theres a black spot it splits the clip. the black spots happen 2-3 times a second. the worst part about this is that i borrowed my friends capture camera before i got my own and the same thing happened. I dont know what to do i thought about buying a head cleaner, but seeing as though it plays perfectly on the camera i feel like that will do no good. help i cant capture shit and i dont want to keep buying things to try to fix it. anyone got any ideas?
  8. At 2:22 in this one http://vimeo.com/53694436 and at 2:06 in this one