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Found 12 results

  1. thriftshop

    Filmer Backpacks

    Gonna be filming a new street video this spring/summer and I plan on doing some photography as well so my very-basic Poler camera bag isn't gonna cut it anymore. My only criteria for recommendations is that it has a spot to hold a tripod. What's the best filmer bag out there guys?
  2. I have been deciding on whether to be a photographer or filmer over the past week.right now my setup is a canon t3i with a bower 8mm and i know that i can shoot photos and film with this camera but in all honesty i don't like hd once i got into filming with it. The reason why i got this camera was to film and i didn't know i was going to get into shooting skate photos more than i was filming but just for a day my friend let me borrow his vx for one day and i was hooked on it but i want to become both and i cant so i need to decide and i cant do it on my own. I know that if i want to become a filmer i want vx1 mk1 or raymod because budget might be tight. and hell maybe if i really can ill get both and depending on the trick i will shoot it filming or photos so please dont say go with what you want, say something if you were in that decision. ok i think i made this look half decent maybe
  3. magicgenius45

    Mike Dixon Mini Edit

    part I edited of myself but i never posted it on here. lemme know what u think of the skateboarding/filming/editing thanks
  4. Nteodoru

    Looking For Vx1 Mk1 For Sale

    I'm looking for a century optics mk1 screw on or bayo mount. Preferably mint but mini scuffs usually won't bother me as long as they don't appear in the footy.
  5. Anyone know any Skateboarding film festivals? Preferably universal or australian ones so i can enter?
  6. TheDailyFilmer


    So I always seem to see in threads about people asking what they should set the cps at and people always say oh put it lower or don't put it all the way up that'll ruin your footage. Now RIDE channel has put beagle on In Focus and he shows his custom presets. Definitely not what I expected, he puts his color level and sharpness all the way to the max. Sp did you teach me wrong???
  7. hey guys, i started filming with the vx1 recently and just got my mk1. The problem is that im not sure what is the correct way to export the video for good quality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iumDudMNP-w this is my video just to show you guys what it looks like.
  8. https://post.craigslist.org/k/eqf1OlIT4hG_LfPBwcEdOg/tC1V0?s=preview also will add a firewire cable to upload footage to your computer!!!!
  9. Is the Canon Gl2 selling at all. I wanted to sell it but first I have to get it serviced for 450. Is it worth it??
  10. kwesi6

    First Camera

    Hey SP users, This will be my first camera for general use and for skate filming. I'm trying to decide between a SD Camcorder and a DSLR like a Canon T2/3/4i or 7/5D. I would really enjoy having the DSLR as it's smaller and I can use digital media however I've seen a bunch of clips of the VX1000,2000 and DVX100b and I'm loving the clips I've seen so far. They really do look crisp. I have about $600 to spend and so I'm looking for more bang for my buck. A DSLR seems like a clear choice if I want more use out of my camera but honestly I think I can get by with just my cellphone if I want to take pictures. I'm really set on either a DVX100b or T2i at this point unless someone can recommend another camera and include some Pros and Cons that would make that particular item more favorable compared to other options. Thanks!
  11. I have a couple things to trade for it. First I have a mk2 with a small scratch in the corner that rarely shows up. I also have a Ogio Ty Evans bag that I don't need. Just need the body, I will add money if necessary.