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Found 11 results

  1. happycloudskate

    Render Settings Help

    So apparently i have bad render settings making my footage look ugly... Heres the link to the video and if you think so too please give me advice and what settings to use. I use a Canon 6d (NOT 60D) and a 8-15mm fisheye.
  2. I use Premiere Pro for a long time and I always try to export my video clean as it possible. I use h.264 codec, 2 pass 5000kbps bit rate. Everyone who use FCP can export in included compression application for the best quality and this is two time better than Premire. Somebody know how to export video in Adobe Premiere like in FCP ? My video: Video from Skateintheday:
  3. happycloudskate

    Hvx200a / Opteka

    Last couple of edits. Tell me what you guys think.
  4. I've been using the 3 wheel Color Correcting filter in Final Cut Pro and was wondering if you could do more with Adobe After Effects when it comes to color correcting footage. If so how and whats the best way to go about it in AAE? Thanks.
  5. I have a canon t3i, and i did a short film. I want to know whats the best way to export hd footage from final cut.
  6. after i export my video from final cut, and then upload it to youtube it takes alot of time, around 140. is this normal?
  7. Hey guys, after about a year of filming my full length is finally done. Im done editing all the parts and everything and I want to start burning dvds. I have Final cut pro but unfortunately I dont have DVD Studio Pro. Im just wondering if there are any other programs or methods that dont cost money that I can use to make a basic dvd menu and burn dvds from. Im trying to redownload the entire FCP studio but its downloading at 1kb/s so I dont really want to wait for that. Any recommendations are welcome
  8. It's not technically a promo, but for the clothing company Emortal Clothing and their team rider Kass Plummer it essentially is. Kass is a good friend of mine out of Central Florida and he recently moved to Holland, so I made this edit for him and for Emortal as an official goodbye... http://vimeo.com/49089935
  9. HD (Original) Version: Above is a video part I shot and edited in HD with a Canon 60D/8mm Fisheye, Panasonic HMC40/Nikon FC-E9, and Panasonic HPX170/HDV Century MKII. SD Version: http://youtu.be/bzc3ot-1cGg Here is the same video, but 'SD-ized' by cropping long lens shots and changing the distortion + adding Yrint's MKI vig overlay to the fisheye shots in an NTSC 3:2 DV timeline Final Cut Pro and converted to .AVI using MPEG StreamClip with the 'Apple DV/DVCPRO - NTSC' codec.
  10. Hey guys. I edit all my videos in FCP and Ive always wondered if theres any way to apply a certain effect or setting to multiple clips without having to go through and add it to every single one. For instance I just got a vx2000/mk1 setup and cropping is my main concern. Ill probably be doing some color correcting as well. I just feel like its going to be a pain to have to go through and apply these settings to every single clip. If theres any way to avoid this thatd be awesome. Thanks