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Found 9 results

  1. snowborter9


    i just got an HVX200 and i need to buy a firewire. I have a macbook so i have to get the lightning bolt to firewire but what pin size do i buy for my camera?
  2. alright so after long last, my PC decided to take it's firewire capabilities and just shit all over them. the ports won't work anymore and i tried everything so i eventually decided to go get a used mac as the cheapest alternative with a firewire port. so i bought one of the early flatscreen iMacs (G5 i think) used for $100. seems to be in perfect condition. i've never really used a mac before until now but it was easy enough to figure out how to capture using iMovie, but after capturing all my stuff i noticed that the quality is kinda butchered. i can't find any settings on what format it uses to capture or compression or any of that. anyone with any experience capturing on macs know anything that would help, or any alternative editing programs for macs that would do a better job? thanks
  3. I'm getting a vx1 in a few days from my cousin and I don't have a firewire port in my computer to capture from. It also doesn't seem to have ports for a firewire card. I've heard all around the internet that firewire to USB cables don't work; is there anything I can do other than get a different computer? If it helps I have a Dell Inspiron N4030.
  4. TomTravers

    Can't Capture Footage From Dvx

    I have a windows vista desktop that does not have a firewire port, so I tried using a wire that connects from the audio video slots on the camera and has connects to usb slot. Whenever I try to capture with adobe premiere elements 8, it doesn't recognize the device. This used to work on my windows 7 laptop for sony vegas, but my laptop is broken and I don't have vegas anymore. Can someone help me find some wire or anything that will let me capture on my vista through elements 8?
  5. I have an old pc that im going to attempt to edit on. though it has a firewire plug someone told me if I dont have a mac i also need a firewire chip. Is this true? if so where can I get one and what would you recomend? Cheers. EDIT: Also how do I determin the pin size for the firewire?
  6. christiancustodio1997


  7. indyskatefilms

    Firewire Port

    What firewire port would work for a Dell inspiron 545? and which would be the best quality if that matters?
  8. KWco11


    I'm looking for an VX1000 with batteries, firewire, and possibly a fisheye. Email: kristophercoll@live.com
  9. Is there anyway to capture mini dv footy on a laptop that doesn't have a express card slot, and the laptop doesn't have a firewire port? And i can't buy i mac cause that is to much money