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Found 32 results

  1. I am selling my Panasonic HVX200. She works perfect and has no scratches on the lens. Cosmetically is a 8 out of 10. Internally is a 10 out of 10. Currently selling since I just got an HPX and have no need for this anymore. Asking $1250 or best offer. PM me if interested
  2. tannercudney

    Panasonic Hvx200

    I am looking to sell my Panasonic HVX200. It is a 10/10 internally and a 8/10 cosmetically. Buttery camera but I really just don't have a need for it at the moment. Asking $900 or Best Offer. I might also consider a trade. Hit me up with what you got - 5d MKii, Leica, Gh2/3/4, etc. Feel free to message me on here
  3. Daniel Kusnir

    East Coast Addiction Copies For Sale

    We've been working on this video for the past 3 years and it is finally out! It's mostly filmed around Pittsburgh, PA and is split up into a day section then a night section. Copies are available for $9. Either PM me for a copy or buy it through Theories of Atlantis http://theoriesofatlantis.bigcartel.com/product/east-coast-addiction Here's a remix of Josh Mundays part from the video that he edited himself.
  4. Looking to sell my Sony VX1000 setup in order to buy an HD setup. The VX1000 is in great working condition, I just had the ribbon cable replaced and heads cleaned about 2 months ago by Video Electronics. The body of the camera shows very minimals signs of wear (it's practically mint but shows a couple very minors scratches due to normal usage). The Century Optics MK1 is also in great shape. However, it does have a very small nick on the upper right side of lens (you can somewhat see it in the picture that I took but it's really small). I have only used Sony Premiums in the camera since I purchased it and have never captured on the camera. I have used this camera for years and have never had any issues, I am sad to let it go but I need to move on and try something new. The setup includes: Sony VX1000 Century Optics MK1 3 Sony Batteries + Sony Charger Canon Backpack Looking for $1200 + Shipping, no trades. Shoot me a PM or email if you have any questions: Mfs5126@psu.edu.
  5. Looking to sell my Canon 60D in order to upgrade to a 5dMKII. The camera is in great working condition with minimal signs of wear, I'm asking $750 OBO. Not really interested in trades, PM or email me if you're interested or have any questions (mfs5126@psu.edu). The following items will be included (I can provide more pictures upon request): Canon 60D body Canon 18-135mm IS lens Opteka X-GRIP EX PRO (The model similar to the eazy handle) Mini Shotgun Stereo Condenser Microphone (audio technica pro) 16GB SD card Charger with 3 Canon Batteries Canon Battery Grip Canon 60D kit box with cables, CDs and manuals
  6. A modded Raynox MX3000 with a 58 to 52mm step ring! Pictures below and more pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/89jxU I modded it with a brand new Sony wide angle and tape + rubber bands... which can be removed. Everything is in excellent condition and was never used. I'm asking for $135 shipped or best offer. I'm super legit.
  7. I got a crap ton of Ralph Lauren and a bit of lrg and krew to get out of my room and a few button ups and hoodies. Everything is either a kids medium,LARGE or XTRA LARGE or a mens SMALL. Some stuff is brand new and some stuff used gently because I have way to many clothes.
  8. Sup. Selling my sony pd150 with fisheye here. Check it out. http://www.ebay.com/itm/271607015797?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Thanks.
  9. oatesmedia

    Fs-100 Firestore 250gb For Sale

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/261551069173?ssPageName=STRK:MESCX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1554.l2649 Here is the ebay link to the item, the 250 gb model is very rare to find! More info and all pictures are posted on the ebay listing. FS-100 Firestore 250 GB This is an external hard drive for your camera that you plug up by Firewire 400 (6 pin). Model FS-100. You can find out if your camera can use it by looking at this link. http://www.webvideoguys.com/PDFs/Suggested_Camera_Compatible_and_Files_Formats_Guide.pdf Apparently there are ways to make it compatible with more cameras, please do the research. The hard drive is in very great condition; there are very small scratches on the body itself, no scratches on the screen or the front itself. The 250gb model is VERY HARD to find for sale online, and very few were made compared to the 160gb model. This one is for sale, and has an extended battery and a mounting box attached (shown in photos). Original manual and extra paper instructions of how to set it up to your camera, and original paperwork and charger included! The only thing missing is the firewire 400 cable used to plug up to the camera/computer which can easily be found online. Here is more information on this particular model. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE COMMITTING TO BUY. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/557087-REG/Panasonic_ASYF_1296_01LF_FS_100_250_250GB_Portable_DTE.html
  10. BlakeWollersheim

    Wtb Cheap Or Broken Vx1

    Looking to buy a fairly cheap vx1. Open to anyone offering a partially broken vx unless the damage is a very expensive fix. Pm me if you have anything.
  11. Selling a few hats. All hats are snapbacks. Asking $20 shipped each.
  12. For sale I have a DVX100a with an Opteka fisheye and 3 batteries + charger. Also comes with a Tamrac bag. 350 obo + shipping if needed. Paypal or Money Order only please. Thanks. PM me or send mail to tweakrabbit@gmail.com.
  13. Here's a post for the homie AhmadAskoul!
  14. I have a VX1000 English Version, 2 Batteries and Charger for SALE or TRADE. The tape heads have been refurbished and ribbon cable has been replaced less than two tapes ago. Only used sony premium tapes since I have owned it. I unfortunately don't have any footage because my external crashed. (The VX was my backup camera and all that footage was on the external.) All I have is DVX footage on my laptop. The lens is crystal clear, as I take care of all my equipment and know the importance of upkeep, especially on the VX1000. Only thing missing is the lens hood. To make up for that, I can throw in a Tamrac camera bag. Pictures below. Thanks for looking, Travis (SkateTexas)
  15. Not looking to trade anything! I'd like to sell some of this stuff today. Pm me or comment on this post if you're interested in anything! Everything is in exquisite condition. Let the photo's speak for themselves. Rip N' Dip Zig Zag bucket hat. Never worn. Retailed for $40 plus shipping, would like $25 shipped. Supreme Fitteds, Camps, and a Snapback All have been worn less than four times. Looking to get $55 shipped on each. That's less than retail. Random assortment of beanies. I'd like $10 shipped on each. THANKS!
  16. KohlSkates

    Switching From Vx1 To Gh2

    I'm in the process of selling my vx1 and a bunch of other stuff with it, so if you want please pm me so I can sell this thing. I plan on getting a gh2/lumix 8mm but I don't know what long lens to get. i've been told by a friend that the kit 14-140 is tight is this true?
  17. Super legit homie. Wants $1450 OBO for the whole setup. Take it away, Linquist! Holler at him, not me if you're interested.
  18. For RyanLodzinski, he's a homie and legit. Vx1 has a timecode issue, he's looking for $375 Dvx100b/Opteka Setup, $900 He'll post the rest of the info regarding the sales in a little.
  19. This thread is for user ScooterRider. He is a legit dude looking to get rid of his VX, so help him out. Any issues with him, PM me
  20. northskater15


    So I haven't been on here in a few years really except for one or two posts since then but I am very legit and many people will vouch for me. I'm trying to sell my setup to upgrade to a DVX100A/B. Right now, I'm selling my Vx2000 and it will come with the charger, the remote, a big battery (pretty new and lasts forever), 2 extra smaller batteries, a battery charger, a JVC Cap Cam with a charger and an extra battery, a century Mk2 modded with step rings so that it's wider (bayo ring is also included), and a canon 200eg bag. The only small problems are that the back record button is very sticky but I would almost always use the front one anyway. The lens hood does not tighten completely, it seems to be stripped but it will stay on it does not just fall off. I got the heads cleaned professionally when I bought the camera and have not had ANY major glitches since then (maybe a few minor ones if anything every blue moon) I have a price I'm looking for but I am probably willing to negotiate so offer up, text me at 508-431-7199 or email me at neilanmike@gmail.com because I probably won't check here often. I will also be able to text you pictures of anything in the setup. And if there are any questions feel free to text or email me those too, I'll do my best to check here for any replies. Thanks for looking! *Bought the camera from Chase Grover on here*
  21. Kaleb Jordan

    For Sale: Vx1000 Raymod Setup

    Whats up guys, today I have for sale my second vx1000 and raymod. Wanting to go HD and realizing that I don't really need it all that bad. This thing is super minty. Asking $650 obo. I am open to trades. PM me for more photos/further inquiries, and I'll upload some test footage when I get a chance. Thanks guiz
  22. I'm selling my 60d and 18-55mm to upgrade to a 5d mark ii. Both the body and the internals in very good condition. Was used for video so it has a low shutter count. The back of the flip out screen has the remaining residue due to the LCD viewfinder that got ripped off, BUT IT DOES NOT OVERLAP OR AFFECT THE LCD ITSELF. I'd be happy to throw in the lcd viewfinder with the package. I'm asking 650+shipping/paypal fees for everything. PM me or email me at laynestratton@yahoo.com
  23. notleobanuelos

    Vx1000 + Mk1

    I am selling my Japanese VX1000 + MK1 Fisheye. Transitioning to HD. (Any HD-related trades are welcome. No DSLR.) I got the camera about 4-5 years ago in mint condition straight from Japan. The exterior is in fair condition. The VAP Unit broke off 3 years ago in a car accident. It's held together fine with Gorilla Tape, or even electrical tape from what I've seen other people do. The interior of the camera works accordingly. Viewfinder, basic functions, zoom, mic, etc are all working. The fisheye is practically in mint condition, aside from scratches on the outer rim that holds the lens. No scratches at all on the glass. My standing offer is $900. I'm only trying to sell it as a package deal. Unless you can offer me a really good price on one separately. Package Includes: Sony VX1000 MK1 Lens Two Batteries Pretty beaten up camera bag (optional/no charge) If anyone wants to see footage from it. This is my YouTube. (<-- click "YouTube")
  24. GustafJohansson

    For Sale/trade: Canon Xm2/gl2

    Yo I got a Canon GL2/XM2 for sale. It's PAL. I doesn't matter as long you're not watching it on your TV. Everything is working fine. Got some parts recently replaced. There are some scratches to the body but the lens,LCD and viewfinder is in a mint condition. Comes a Canon 5200 mAh battery, charger and the other things that you get when you buy it. I have used Panasonic tapes. Could trade it against a VX1000 or a Panasonic DVX100 Hit me up! Gustaf