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Found 9 results

  1. dgskateproductions

    Vx2000 W/amit Bayo Lens

    Hey guys, today I am selling my Sony Vx2000 setup. I've had it for a little bit now but I need to upgrade for school which is coming up. I have babied this camera and my friend that I got it from has also babied it too. I have never had a single problem with this camera and can almost guarantee you wont either. It doesnt have a normal vx2000 eyecup but it does have a large vx1000 eyecup that does the job.. the camera itself is clean, body has minimal scuffs and wear and the lens is in prestine condition with no marks or anything. The mic does not have any sag it looks clean. Never hit or dropped. It comes with 3 batteries. 1 Sony and 2 ebay batteries with a ebay charger. I will post pictures when i get around to it because I am pretty busy but I figured id post it without pictures right now. Id like to sell it as a group but for the right price I may be willing to split. Selling the vx2000 for $400 OBO. You can contact me on here or by phone at 6three0-four08-four58four
  2. SCROLL TO COMMENTS TO VIEW ENTIRE LISTING. Salt Valley Western Shirt (Medium). BRAND NEW. $45 Hawkings McGill Sweater (Large). BRAND NEW. $40 Canvas "ChanHELL" Tee (Large). Fits weird and it's been worn around 5 times. $20 Undefeated Tee (Large). Worn 8-10 times. $18. Vans Classics (Size 10). BRAND NEW. $40 Rastaclat Bracelets. Lightly Worn. $6 each Supreme x Wackies Tee (Large). Worn and washed once. $40
  3. Hi, I'm looking at buying a new camcorder, it has to be under 700$, but i want one that has fisheye threads that are 43mm or bigger, and suggestions, or anything, no dslrs. If you have one on here just let me know
  4. Hey guys, it's been about five years since I have been on SP, and wow things look really great. Anyway, I've been cleaning out my house because I'm moving, and I am sad to say that I gave up the filming game about four years ago and haven't touched my camera since. I have for sale: Vx2100 with NP-F970 battery (got from member JustSkate401 back in '07) Raynox (widened) fisheye Black Apollo Atiba camera backpack And included or separate for $50: Bescor 12v KLK-65XT light I would like $600 or better offer for everything ($550 without the light) A couple things, however, that are causing me to sell everything cheap: -The camera functions fine, except for a busted eye piece that won't focus (I had been using the LCD to film). In 2007 I went to Video Electronics and got a repair estimate of around $150 for the fix. -I also cannot for the life of me find the charger for the battery, which literally JUST ran out of juice a couple days ago after not being turned on for about four years. I will continue to dig around my room for it but no promises. I would really prefer to make the sale to somebody in person in the BOSTON area so that I don't have to deal with shipping and checks/paypal/money orders, etc. The price I am asking is just what I am assuming it all to be worth. I could probably let just the camera go for around $500. I really need to get rid of this stuff because at this point I have no use for any of it. **If you would like pictures, PM me a phone # and I can send pictures on request.**
  5. lookin to see what offers i get for this setup, might end up getting gopro3 or a vx1mk1. no trade would like cash $2700+ shipping
  6. Levi's totally legit. Here's his SP profile. (He's gonna post everything up after this post.)
  7. proleming

    Selling Mk2 Fisheye 58mm

    selling my mk2 lens 58mm fisheye lens for $400 because i bought the wrong fisheye for my vx1000, its only been used about 3 times in its whole life, i live in florida daytona beach. the fisheye is for vx2000 and vx2100 and has no scratches way sooooo everrr, - you can text or call me @ (386) 334-3031 -i will send u a pic of it right away i wish i could have it but i can't:(
  8. ill post pictures tonight. mint lens still in the original box. also have the extension tube set for sale. everything is in the box
  9. pics will be up tomorrow. text me for pics tonight I have a full t2i setup for sale, only selling because i upgraded to an hvx, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything, YOULL GET canon t2i (OG boxing) 2 batteries, 2 16gb class 10 sd cards, a sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 and a rokinon 8mm. Has all caps + tons extra. Body has no wear everywear, looks almost brand new. Have boxes for everything but the fisheye. Text me 8474716779 for only reasonable offers, will trade for possibly vx1000 mk1 setup. lemme knowwwww EDIT: also selling a 72mm 16x9 fisheye for hvx,hpx so let me know if you are interested in that as well. minty as can be