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Found 9 results

  1. KohlSkates

    Rode Video Mic Go F/s

    I know that this is the wrong place but I really need to get this Rode video mic go gone. rycote mount with rycote deadcat. $70 and shipping. Contact me through a Pm or email at Kohlskates@gmail.com.
  2. Made a post in the dslr buyers advice thread but I though it would be worth it to make a post here. Currently have a gh2 running flow motion, sort of wanting a new cam that gives me more stabilized zoom options and 1080/60p. Currently looking at 3 options. A7: full frame capable, Ef to e mount smart adapter is cheap, about 850 used, but video quality is shit from what I've been seeing. A7s: same as a7 but with much better video, but it's close to double the price of the a7 used and I'm not sure I can afford something that pricey. Gh3: better dynamic range than gh2, no shitty avchd, great video, and I can use my 7.5mm while I wait for a meta bones booster, which would give me 1.42 crop factor and image stabilization support. Only concern is that a 17-50 vc tamron might vignette but I film along with someone who uses an hmc so I could always just crop a bit because it's getting down scaled to 720 anyways. Thoughts? Really sorry if this is the wrong place to make this post, I'm new here so please go easy. Thanks , Steve
  3. KohlSkates

    Should I Buy A Mic Now Or Later

    I just sold my vx and have a bit of cash now and I still have a small had setup. I am planing on getting gh2/3 setup mic,fish,eazy handle,etc but I won't be able to buy it for a little. So my question is should I buy a mic and some sd cards now for my other hd setup or just wait and buy my entire gh2/3 setup at once?
  4. Hey, Just finished up this video for Neff. Let me know what ya think. https://vimeo.com/73197610 Thanks, Jacob Callaghan
  5. Selling both of my Panasonic lenses. $190 shipped - Panasonic 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 - both caps and lens hood $200 shipped - Panasonic 45-200 f4-f5.6 - both caps and lens hood, and Tiffen UV Filter on since day 1 I can post pictures but you know what they look like...
  6. com21

    Tips For Filming With Gh3

    i looked at manual, played with the camera today for a while, there seems to be some modes that you can't change shutter speed at. i can do it in I-A mode if i set esposure to manual. but in custom modes and in the one with camera picture on it, i can't seem to do or find the button, Basicly what is the most/best mode to film skating like runs and such. I know shutter should be 1/50 and /or/to 1/100 and i had it on 1080-60p.mov, I also turned down the contrast as stated before by a bit, I am gonna keep playing around with it and i understand most of it is subjective but in your opinions what would the the prefered mode for gh3. Im using a 7.5 Rikinon wide angle lense, I know i keep asking these dumb questions but seriously this will be the last one. I just don't want it choppy for ghosting , i want it perfect. thanks, appreciate it.
  7. I recently Got a GH3, I film alot of skating, other sutff too (pictures, short videos) but mostly do stuff with skating, I used to have the vx2000 for like 10 years, it was nice but it was time to upgrade. In you opinion what is a nice wide angle lense (micro four thirds) I saw the rokinon 7.5 f3.5 lense and i saw a video that looked like crap and one that looks amazing with that lense. I did some lurking and people say the Lumix G fisheye 8mm f3.5 is a beast and i saw some pics they looked great ,but no video. bad thing is its a little over 600 bucks, | what would you guys suggest i should get i would also like a regular lense you know to film gaps and stairs for distant shots but thats diff story sry if this has been posted before
  8. com21

    Gh3 For Skating

    NEW DSLR/DSLM....I know a GH3 is not really a dslr but a dslm i think, I just ordred one, i used to have a vx2000 for like 10 years( it was nice) but i wanted a new camera to film skating and short movies and gh3 seems to be the future (for the price) under like 2 grand, I was just wondering is there any good lenses that go well for skate filming with that camera, I have not seen that much videos filmed with they yet. I just the body and extra battrey so far. what would you suggest i get accessory wise, like lenses, handles, mics, for filming skating but also good for regular things too, thanks I would appreciate any advice
  9. AKskateboarding

    Gh2 Vs Gh3 Fisheye Comparison

    Not sure if this has been done but I'm looking for a comparison between the 2 fisheyes in terms of the crop sensor. I want to know if it makes a drastic difference because the 1080p/60fps is quite enticing. Sorry if its an ABD topic, but thanks if anyone can provide any help!