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Found 15 results

  1. DtotheB86

    Canon GL2 Tips

    Does anybody have any tips on filming a video with a GL2?
  2. petermartn

    Mk2 Different Hoods

    Why do some Century Mk2 lenses have a four petal hood and some have a two petal hood? Is there a difference in the optics at all? Is one a newer version, or do different camera mounts have different hoods or what? Thanks for any replies.
  3. Hey guys, trying to help a friend get rid of his GL2/ Century Death Lens bundle. Heres the link if any one is interested: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Canon-GL-2-Camcorder-W-Century-Fisheye-Death-Lens-NO-RESERVE-Canon-GL-2-Cam-/171748437184?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item27fd012cc0 I'm sure this isnt the place to post this, if a Mod wants to delete it, do yo tang! If not, greatly appreciate anyone who looks. It's a pretty good deal for just the glass alone. Not looking to seperate it, but anyone who knows the camera/lens knows that this is a reasonable deal. If you're intrested in just the lens, then think of it as buying the lens and getting the camera for free. (then you could sell the camear seperately.) Thanks for looking.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCK9ijCC2Es I did not film this trick, i am the one doing it so please don't give me filming tips off of this video. Let me know what you think of the trick!
  5. Please don't tell me i need to clean my heads or that i need a new lens! Other than that i wanna know what you guys think of the monty!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ82BsqN64M&list=UUCWCrvcaSm1PgfmQpYlF57g
  6. just a monty i made, let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ss2z4Z8Cf4
  7. alex_hesh

    Mkii Gl2 Help!

    I got a mkII that had a bayo for a dvx100. Took the bayo off and is suppose to have 72mm threads under so I got a 58mm-72mm step up and 72mm spacer. The 72mm spacer came and it doesnt even screw onto the mkII threads, the ring seems like a tiny bit to small . Help!!
  8. joshcamacho

    Possible Canon Gl2 Thread?

    I tried searching for a GL2 thread, cant find it lol. I just bought a Canon GL2 pretty much new and I picked up a $60 Opteka XTREME off Amazon. I know its not the best set up but its all I could afford atm. Anyways, If you guys have questions about the GL2, post here.
  9. Yo- This is for my buddy Jake (Snakeit11), he has been busting his ass working on a part for my video coming out this year so buy his stuff. He's legit. He'll comment below. The GL2 comes with Opteka fisheye Azden mic Extra large battery Filters Capture cam Hard Case Everything is in good shape and works fine but my computer crashed so I haven't been using it. I probably have a few tapes to go with it and random other lenses. Literally everything you need. Asking $800 obo Footage: youtube.com/watch?v=WRlWoEd7FEY
  10. GustafJohansson

    For Sale/trade: Canon Xm2/gl2

    Yo I got a Canon GL2/XM2 for sale. It's PAL. I doesn't matter as long you're not watching it on your TV. Everything is working fine. Got some parts recently replaced. There are some scratches to the body but the lens,LCD and viewfinder is in a mint condition. Comes a Canon 5200 mAh battery, charger and the other things that you get when you buy it. I have used Panasonic tapes. Could trade it against a VX1000 or a Panasonic DVX100 Hit me up! Gustaf
  11. comes with everything, opteka fisheye, 3 batts, 2 chargers,manual, orig. box, and all the accessories in the box. only problem is that it needs to be sent in for a tape transport repair. without that it will not record. looking for a vx1000 but offer up! gl2 by DavidCronin, on Flickr
  12. vx600d

    Better Sd Compression For Vimeo

    Come across this and I had a go of it and it turns out sick, thought it might be beneficial for some people on here that use vimeo Click Here To Go To It
  13. Do fisheyes for GL1 and GL2 fit on sony vx2100?
  14. A little something i threw together after selling my GL2.