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Found 6 results

  1. Hey folks, I've been to Barcelona last week with a "new" used VX 1K. When I was looking at playbacks via Edit Search the footage looked totally glitchy. After checking the trick, I wasn't able to record. This little arrow icon appeared along with a beeping noise. After this I wasn't even able to do an Edit Search again. Then I popped a new tape in there, filmed a little, checked the footage. But the same problem occured over and over again. So in the end I stopped checking any footage at all. In hope to not damage the tape or cause any more glitches. Yesterday I came back home and tried to capture the footage. It looked horribly glitchy and rendered unusable. I even tried to capture with my VX. But it wouldn't let me do any operations with the tape deck since the arrow icon issue. Any idea how to save those tapes and the footage?
  2. I've been filming for a very long time, and a lot with my vx1000, I had just sent it out about a month ago to video electronics to get it repaired. (Broken VAP, dirty heads, broken viewfinder cable, sketchy tape deck) It was definitely worth the money to repair it, but when I got my vx back i was having the same issues with glitching when i imported footage, its not a visual glitch where theres distortion in the footage or audio glitching, its literally like the my footage is clipping itself into pieces so, the end result when importing is about 50 segments to one clip. Its really annoying and even if i merge the clips into 1 they have a lag to them and skip. I had contacted kerry about it because obviously I'm upset about paying so much money to get a camera back with the same issues, and he had said that it sounded like a software issue and i should hit up the forums to see who could help. So just taking a shot in the dark here, thanks guys ahead of time. - Kyle
  3. I was filming tonight and watched the clip on my cap cam. Everything looked good and then i filmed some more and watched the footy again, but it was alittle glitchy. I played back to the first clip i filmed and it got glitchy too! I looked at the footage itself on my tape and it looks like the footage has some dents and stuff. Can i get the footy fixed?
  4. filmdatish

    Vx2000 Help

    Iam kinda new to my vx 2000 and I have been having problems with glitches when I playback and when I capture. When I capture the footage gets separated and little snippets of the clips get cut out. By the way It started to happen when I switched to a new tape but it was the same brand. I think it is dirty heads but I want to make sure before I get it checked out by VE so i don't have to pay too much money cause Im broke.
  5. Right so I captured a tape before and noticed these insane glitches which only appeared on the last 5 minutes or so of footage out of about 45 minutes and after this I used a head cleaning tape and it seems to be fixed (I hope) but i thought id ask if this might be anything more serious? Thanks You can see the picture HERE (Wont let me post a picture sorry)
  6. my vx just started having sound glitches but the audio doesnt completely drop out, it just makes a weird crinkly noise behind the actual audio. PLEASE HELP