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Found 9 results

  1. hey guys I'm selling my canon T2i with a battery grip, 4 batteries, and the neck strap. It's in great condition, I've taken amazing care of it. I'm the 2nd owner and I personally know the first owner who I bought it from just a few months ago. I'm only selling to upgrade, there are no problems with the camera or grip. Grip is only 2 months old bought it brand new. Haven't been on here in forever but I promise I had a good rep and am very legit. I will try to post pics but best way to get pics is text me. If you're interested send me an email, text me, or call me. My number is 508 431 7199, email is neilanmike@gmail.com Canon 50mm 1.8 Canon 75-300mm both also for sale now! I have a price in mind so just contact me for the price or any questions at all! Thanks for looking guys.
  2. Perfect condition Canon t1i, comes with 6.5mm opteka fisheye lens, 18-55mm kit lens, battery grip, 3 batteries, X-grip camera handle, original boxes, original cords, random filters, camera bag, ect, I babied the camera since I've had it, $620 shipped for everything, text me anytime 316-992-2626.
  3. tannercudney

    Hvx200 Handle

    Hey I know this might be a dumb question but I was thinking about adding a little bit of a grip to my hvx200's handle and I know some people say you can take shoe lace and rap it around the handle and put duck tape over that but what is the best way to grip a HVX's handle? I would like to get mine like this: http://web.stagram.com/p/509626501350469378_7301962 or something similar
  4. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/842393-REG/Polaroid_PLSTA_Sure_Grip_Camera_Stabilizing_Handle.html I ordered one of these and it is coming on the 20th, and I was just wondering if any fellow SPers had one, and if so, how is it? Very durable and steady? FYI: I have a canon 60d that I plan to use with this.
  5. JapaneseDude

    Diy Grips

    I just wanted to know if anyone has tried anything compared to this on a DSLR rig... or if it is worth putting a Canon T2i on this thing without it falling off while skating.
  6. I have a nikon d80 that i dont use anymore as i got back into filming, i tried selling once before, but i figured why not giver another shot. Its in really good condition both mechanically and appearance wise. It will come with the body, and a off brand grip made by PHOTTIX, the grip charger, the kit 18-135 3.5-5.6 aswel as a basically brand new AF 50mm 1.8 with roughly one year of nikon warrently left. The grip holds a crazy long charge. Glass is all in excellent condition aswel. I could also include a real nice bag to hold it all. I could upload pictures but i feel theres no need, if theres interest ill pm them to you. Im looking to get around 500 for it all but thats really a shot in the dark as i have no idea what this camera is worth anymore as its "old" in the dslr world now. Shoot me an offer!
  7. Trying to get rid of my Canon t3i, 5 batteries, battery grip, 18-50mm and 50mm lens. It's in great condition but I am upgrading my gear and no longer need this camera. Don't have set price please offer! Email me if you are seriously interested and I will send photos: daylandomedia@gmail.com Thanks TJ
  8. themasterskaterbater

    40d Body Gripped

    selling my very minty 40d... never dropped always babied. comes with basically brand new battery grip that ive had for 3 weeks. comes with 1 canon bat. and 1 no name one. never had problems with them and they last long. same with 40d- always a very reelable camera. has very small nick on screen but very non noticeable/ effecting asking 450 but will trade for 7d set up (i add cash) or Bronica sq-(a/ai) paypal shipped, or cash pickup
  9. Im just wondering what I could get from you guys on a D80 body, PHOTTIX grip (super good batterly life, portrait shutter button and arrow buttons,charger) the kit AF-S 18-135mm 3.5/5.6 ED lens and also a nice, practically unused AF 50mm 1.8D. Everything still has its original packaging, and the 50mm has warrenty left. Also have an awesome KATA 3n1-20 bag. Fits everything with plenty of room for another small slr and a flash/lenses. Just throw me some offers and maybe ill take one. *also* have a Canon FD 100-300/5.6 ZOOM lens in OG box. its mint as shit. GOt a Canon 28mm 2.8 lens that is also mint. Used both on my A1 and they are gorgeous. Also have a Canon Speedlite 177A with OG bag and manual, still fires beautifully, and a Speedlite 155a which i honestly have not tested. And finall, I have a Canon Eos Elan in GORGEOUS shape with OG manual. not a scratch on it. with that I have a EF35-105 4.5/5.6(mint), a EF 75-300mm 4/5.6(mint in OG box). spare neckstrap. I have an unopened, unrefridgerated 8 pack of Kodak MAX kodacolour iso 400 film that expired in 2007, i have another 4 or 5 rolls of it layin around aswell, same year. Just toss out offers guys, im really open to negotiation, but I am in no real rush for money. If you are curious i have a few old (70-80's) video and film cameras aswel so PM me for info on those. Happy offers!