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Found 4 results

  1. Camera Sold. Lens still available, $200 plus shipping. Hey guys, wow it's been a long time since I posted! I guess having two kids will do that. No trades. You can email benpiff at gmail if interested. $400 for the package, you can see my references below. I bought this camera to film bmx and skateboarding, but now have two kids and I've never found myself using it (I always end up filming myself with my iPhone). This camera records with 3MOS chips in full HD (AVCHD) up to 1920x1080 to a 120GB built in hard drive, and also has expandable SD memory card slot for even more continuous recording. You can film 16 hours at full resolution on the hard drive alone. It has optical image stabilization, manual controls, 10.6 megapixel stills, 12x optical zoom, touch screen LCD controls, while being very compact and light (weighs just over 1lb). Optics of the camera's lens and fisheye are perfect, even the bottom of the camera looks perfect. I have the fisheye mounted on a UV filter so it's ridiculously wide and crisp. I think I only filmed with the fisheye one time, which you can see in this link (I think iMovie cropped the fisheye shot for some reason) . I also have a filming handle available for the right price. I have the original box and all original accessories. No trades, please don't ask.
  2. oatesmedia

    Fs-100 Firestore 250gb For Sale

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/261551069173?ssPageName=STRK:MESCX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1554.l2649 Here is the ebay link to the item, the 250 gb model is very rare to find! More info and all pictures are posted on the ebay listing. FS-100 Firestore 250 GB This is an external hard drive for your camera that you plug up by Firewire 400 (6 pin). Model FS-100. You can find out if your camera can use it by looking at this link. http://www.webvideoguys.com/PDFs/Suggested_Camera_Compatible_and_Files_Formats_Guide.pdf Apparently there are ways to make it compatible with more cameras, please do the research. The hard drive is in very great condition; there are very small scratches on the body itself, no scratches on the screen or the front itself. The 250gb model is VERY HARD to find for sale online, and very few were made compared to the 160gb model. This one is for sale, and has an extended battery and a mounting box attached (shown in photos). Original manual and extra paper instructions of how to set it up to your camera, and original paperwork and charger included! The only thing missing is the firewire 400 cable used to plug up to the camera/computer which can easily be found online. Here is more information on this particular model. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE COMMITTING TO BUY. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/557087-REG/Panasonic_ASYF_1296_01LF_FS_100_250_250GB_Portable_DTE.html
  3. Just doing some house cleaning of stuff I don't need anymore. It's all on eBay, but feel free to offer up and I can end auctions early if needed. Tripod Head SOLD Monopod $40 Tripod SOLD Ultra Slave $20 Mobile Hard Drive SOLD Nikon 60mm Micro SOLD Mobile HDD, CF card reader, mouse SOLD
  4. gl2john

    Two External Hard Drives

    I have two SeaGate 500 Gig external hard drives. If you're interested in purchasing either one, let me know. One has been used on a mac, and the other on a PC. Thanks