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Found 27 results

  1. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    Hey guys... Long time lurker. First time poster. I received a 43mm century fisheye in the mail today from B&H for my hmc40... And there was a crack in it. So I'm sending it back. Thinking about getting a different lens all together cause I noticed it wasn't even as big as my 58mm opteka I had for my gl2. Would a mkii 58mm screw work with the hmc as long as I have a 43-58 step up ring ? Or will it be too heavy for the threads or anything you think? Gnarly vig? Thanks dudes
  2. Moorey

    Hmc40 Settings Help

    Just bought a HMC40 a couple of days ago, haven't properly filmed yet but I tried to get the best possible settings and now the quality is really blurry when I out the fisheye on, anyone know what I can do?
  3. Skater132

    Hmc150 Mk2 Vs Hmc40 Fce9

    So can anyone tell me which of these setups are wider? And I'm talking about both setups zoomed at a decent amount where you get limited vig. So which set up is wider an hmc150 mk2 zoomed to z14 or an hmc40 fce9 zoomed to z24?
  4. Alright guys so Iv been having some issues. I have adobe premiere CS6 and I record to SD cards with my HMC40 which records in AVCHD format. So my issue is when I download the footage from the SD card to my windows computer then import it to CS6 all I do it get a video file. The file contains no audio, just video of the footage. Is there any easy way of importing AVCHD (mts) format to my CS6 with audio? Please help, thanks guys!
  5. All pictures are at http://imgur.com/a/tnBYp For sale/trade is a Panasonic HMC40 camcorder (http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-Professional-AG-HMC40-Camcorder-Optical/dp/B002I9S9PE) with all the necessary accessories (Panasonic battery, charger, lens hood, lens cap for lens hood, wall adapter for direct power) and OG boxes. I'd give it a 10/10 internally and 9/10 cosmetically (really just tiny scuffs and such) apart from the fact that the bayonett is cracked (as shown in the pictures at the bottom of the album). This really only affects putting the lens hood on. It can definitely still be done, it just takes an extra second. Only 70 hours on it. Looking for $915 shipped OBO. Next is a MINT MINT MINT Nikon FC-E9 fish. (http://www.amazon.com/Nikon-Fisheye-Converter-requires-converter/dp/B0000AN0XX/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top) This beauty is honestly the most mint fc-e9 I've ever seen. I don't even know how much to charge for this, because it's 250 on Amazon for "good" condition and this one is much likely in better condition than that one, and there are none available on eBay. There are no lens hits on it, and this lens was always used carefully, being capped inbetween tries, always in a well-padded bag. Comes with both original caps, the original bag made out of some microfiber material, and a Bower 43-46mm adapter with OG box. I guess I'll start the price out at $225 OBO. Lastly for sale is a Century 43mm 0.3x baby death mk. ii (the mark two is the good one) (http://www.amazon.com/Century-3X-Ultra-Fisheye-43mm/dp/B001J5UTYM). Glass is 10/10, cosmetically I'd say 7.5/10. It has the "mod"/intentionally cracked sunshade that lets you rotate it so that it's out of the way but can still do it's job. Both caps, sunshade, and one 43mm spacer is included. Asking price is $165 OBO. Once again, all pictures are at http://imgur.com/a/tnBYp My phone number is 82775142.9024 times 82. You can google "82775142.9024 x 82" and it'll pop up. All legitimate offers will be considered. Things I'm looking for to trade for are 15mm cinema items, vintage lenses adaptable to Canon, Nikon to Canon EF adapters, the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 VC (non-VC also considered), follow focuses, smooth tripod heads, good tripod legs, LP-E8/LP-E6 batteries, SD cards, and studio video lights. Obviously you add cash unless you have a ton of stuff that I'd like. I have references that will be supplied if requested. Thank you.
  6. BlakeWollersheim

    Wtb Fc-e9

    Looking for a Nikon Fc-e9 for an Hmc40, PM me if you have one to sell!
  7. guyNcognito

    Wtb: Hmc40

    Very keen to get a HMC40, PM me or email me at dj_abc123@hotmail.com
  8. RyanDeezle

    Recent Clips

    just some clips from the last few months in a short little edit, nothing fancy, check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X37d-9J-kg
  9. JasonBorn

    Wtb/wtt: Panasonic Hmc40/case

    I have a fisheye, 50mm f1.8 mk II, intervalometer, a cam caddie, and an Opteka Eazy Handle, all for trade. I'll give it all + Four fiddy for an HMC40 + basic accessories (battery, charger, the usuals.). I have OG boxes for all items. I am the original owner of all items. I also have a vintage Nikon 50mm f1.8s I'd sell/trade for cheap. Not pictured. Perfect glass. Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/CqJZz I'd also buy an HMC40 for 900 straight up if it came with the basic accessories. If you have a case or know of a good case for the HMC40 + fisheye + light, I'd appreciate any offers/recommendations.
  10. I have a quick question about the HMC40. I'm definitely getting one, and I already bought an FC-E9 off amazon for 94 dollars. Do you think I could fit my set-up in an AmazonBasics camera backpack? The dimensions for the HMC40 are 12" x 5.3" x 5.3" (I think that's w/o the handle, which would be permanently mounted). The dimensions for the bag internally are 10" x 5" x 14.75". I'd also carry around a Sennheiser MKE 400 (which is small, so I could probably just shove it under my handle for storage if space is an issue), my fisheye, and my Chinese 160-LED video light, which has the dimensions of 5" x 2" x 4". Do you think the bag would fit all of it? And are there other bags I should consider? I'm already breaking the bank buying the camera equipment. Also, does anybody know how solid the handle on it feels? I'm sure it's fine, but it does look kind of flimsy. Just being paranoid. Also, does anybody know somebody who's selling an HMC40? I'm looking to spend around 900 for a camera in decent condition with a battery, charger, and all them basic accessories.
  11. RyanDeezle

    January Footage

    footage i filmed over the course of this month, mostly skatepark footage, song was mostly a joke haha, feedback would be cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naJPjaJdclg
  12. RollingEntertainment

    Hmc40 Set-up For Sell

    Hey guys, So I'm selling my hmc40 set-up cause I already have a gh2 and I don't see the point of having a second camera and cause I need money. So I'm not looking for trades unless it's a damn good deal. My set-up comes with this: - hmc40 with only 217hours - panasonic AG-MYA30G paid 300$ at b&h - panasonic big battery VW-VBG6 (159.95$ at b&h, it last really long) - panasonic Ag-mc100 microphone (paid like 200$ brand new i think) - charger Asking 1350$ shipping fees included NOW 1100 shipped I ship to canada and united states only Pretty clean, I just don't really use it. http://www.bhphotovi...Microphone.html
  13. Looking to buy a solid HD camera for long lens/zooming. I'm thinking either a HVX200 or an HMC40. If you have one of these for sale or know someone selling either of them please PM me or email me: daylandomedia@gmail.com Thanks guys! TJ
  14. nowhere near enough footage for a montage, only filmed for a couple hours http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1jsp4AvI_Q
  15. antonreifsteck

    Mic Decision

    Hey everyone, I have a Panasonic HMC40 and I'm looking for a good quality mic for reasonably cheap. Just wondering what the best value would be! Help is much appreciated!
  16. So I just got the hmc40 only 40 hours on the camera. And a few times I have turned on the camera it has said fan has stop and operation is shuting down. Then I turn it back on and it says unit shut down because fan has stopped? This has happend maybe about 3 times I've had the cam a little over a week. What's up with it guys? Is it a common problem? Is it nothing to worry about? Please help me out!
  17. Skater132

    Hmc40 Mk1 Intermedaite!?!?

    Okay so I have decided to buy an hmc 40. I have an fx7 and an mk1 intermedaite I just bought I was wondering if I should mod the intermedaite to the hmc 40 or just sell the intermedaite and buy an mk1 screw? I was curious about what this would look like or if anyone has tried this. I don't think it would look bad since ppl put 58 mm optekas on it. The mk1 inter is wider then the opteka. What I'm saying is I'd like slightly less vig than the screw has on the hmc40 so if I glue a 43 mm ring to my mk1 inter will it be wide? Do you this I will have slight vig thats my goal or should I just get the screw? Plus the apperance of the hmc40 would look awesome with the big mk1 inter on it!
  18. antonreifsteck

    Opteka (High Definition)2 Lens

    Hey so I just got an HMC40 and Im gonna get the Opteka Titanium Series fish. I saw that the 43mm lens didnt say anything about (HD)2 and is much less expensive than the 58mm which talks about HD2 and seems like a nicer lens. Since the HMC40 has a 43mm mount at first I thought I should get the 43mm but now I am wondering if it would be better to get a step up ring and use the 58mm?