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Found 5 results

  1. petermartn

    Mk2 Different Hoods

    Why do some Century Mk2 lenses have a four petal hood and some have a two petal hood? Is there a difference in the optics at all? Is one a newer version, or do different camera mounts have different hoods or what? Thanks for any replies.
  2. nick5817

    Buying Vx1000

    Can be scratched, but no non-working looking for $450 just for the vx a battery and a charger, lens hood, cap
  3. actually he only does two, but i really like the no complies he does. Please let me know what you think. thanks.
  4. Questionable123

    When Filming In The Hood?

    I have lived a pretty sheltered life. I grew up by the nice beaches near Santa Monica. One of the safest places I can imagine. But I've been starting to make trips down to some really good spots getting closer and closer to South Central LA. Almost the complete opposite of home. I have only been filming in dangerous neighborhoods a few times and have not had any problems but I am extremely paranoid. Its not the fact of being in that area or skating there, but it is the paranoia of knowing that I have a very expensive-looking camera in my hands and knowing that there are others who pass by that know that as well. When going into a ghetto area to film, I always try to bring only my essentials for filming that single trick and leave the rest of the gear hidden in the car to try not to attract attention to myself. I also put my stuff in my backpack until I get to the spot so that it just looks like I'm skating along with my friends wearing a backpack. And I am not a very big guy so I feel like when people driving by see ME-this scrawny looking kid-with this expensive ass looking setup, they would feel like its an easy steal. Just plain and simple, I am afraid of getting jacked one day, or worse. And yeah, I would have friends with me who could help defend me and my gear but that may not be enough. Just, do you have any advice for being a little more safe for filming in bad areas that might make me feel a bit more at ease? I understand as well, not EVERYone is out to get me and no this is not a race thing of any type, its about the unwanted attention I get sometimes where someone would kind of seem to watch me from a distance as if planning out something. I also know not to show fear, because others looking for prey pick up on that and target you. But, ya feel me? (PS I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A BITCH lol)

    Wtb Vx1000 Lens Hood

    i need one.its gonna be used and im okay with that.HMU if you have one for sale