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Found 11 results

  1. Odoyle365

    Large Format Snaps

    Pretty fresh in the world of 4x5. These are the first few pictures I took outside of school. + + bonus
  2. Jake J


    I haven't processed film in over a year, as a result I've had a ton of film just stacking up. I finally got around to testing out the chemicals in our schools darkroom (and found a time where I can sneak in to use it) and this is the result. I've never pushed 120 film before so it was kinda fun seeing how it turned out. I also don't remember when I took these, it must have been over a year ago. They were just tests to try out night time photography with the RB and I think I like the results. cropped this one, idgaf.
  3. Odoyle365

    B&w Frames

    Hp5 Pushed 800 DALE MAXKbs5050BBC Untitled
  4. Haven't posted here in a while.... I Went to Europe this summer for a month. I bought a Fuji GS645 before I went. It worked fine before I left, shot a roll through and everything was great, but somehow on the way there, the bellows got a ton of light leaks and the lens wouldn't always come out perfectly straight, leaving half the photo unfocused. I was pretty bummed when I got back and developed all these, but anyway here are a few that came out not too leaked. More on my Flickr as well.
  5. zacklehans

    Revolving Doors

    First 2 rolls through the thing. Kinda hard to get the focus correctly sometimes since there's no split circle thing. Guess I'll have to rely on the pop-up magnifier more often.
  6. Steak

    Some Portraits I Fancy

    Dom Johnson Don't remeber his name. Nick Zizzo
  7. evandougherty


    Not too psyched on these but I haven't posted in a while and figured I'd get some input. {+++++} {+++++} {+++++}
  8. evandougherty


    {+++++} {+++++} {+++++}
  9. Midwestshred

    Long Time No See

    some stuff for my final project tell me what you dogs think
  10. Fruitboot

    Canada Place

    The girl was running from her mom to her group of relatives but I wasn't ready in time. I've also decided this Epic is done for. Going to figure out a fun way to destroy it later today. Looking for a replacement (XA or Epic) if anyone has one!
  11. Jake J

    Grainy Day

    Found these from a while back, I completely forgot about this drawer of negatives that I had, I kind of cast it aside because when I processed them, I REALLY screwed it up, but looking back I'm kind of feeling the way these few rolls turned out together, critique I guess?