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Found 30 results

  1. nowherefast

    Iphone Park Clips

    Matt Moreno, Ty Wertman, Chris De Guzman, & Mike Cardenas doing the thing!
  2. ipad mini,front facing camera- long: ipad mini front facing camera-180 degree: ipad mini front facing camera - 235 degree: ______________________________________________________________________________ xperia z- long: xperia z-180 degree: xperia z-235 degree:
  3. Here's a little iphone/vx edit of this sweet park in florida.
  4. bhaze662

    Iphone Steady Shot

    Is there a way to turn off an iPhones steady shot when using a fisheye for it?
  5. I have been falling head over heels trying to find a way to do this and if one of you fine gentleman could tell me how to do this that would be a great deed to mankind, Godspeed.
  6. Hello Guys, we have recently created an iPhone app, called FlipMob https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flipmob/id838125916 We were always wondering how to use our phones to do crazy tricks like a skateboard; and we came up with this idea. With this app, you perform all sorts of crazy flips with your iPhone (currently its only in iPhone; we are working with android). You can save your flips and perform 40+ crazy flips like simple kickflip, 540 double laserflip, 900 Pop Shove-it and more! Checkout our Youtube Tutorial: Please give us your valuable advice about how to make this app better. We are open to all sorts of ideas!!!
  7. aaronmcnevich


    When my budget is right, I would eventually like to start shooting real polaroids. Until then here's a couple makeshift ones that I edited for Instagram (@aaronmcnevich). They're not much and I'm no photographer, but let me know what you think. Shot with an iPhone 3GS.
  8. happycloudskate

    Emperor Skateboards

  9. tomhallway

    Skatin W Jesus

    took this with my iphone 4, sorry about quality. i like it but let me know whatcha think
  10. kevinsyens@yahoo.com

    Iphone 4s

    Random clips with my phone. Enjoy.
  11. LA skateboarding from the likes of: Matt Moreno Chris De Guzman Matt Harbin Rodrigo TX Ram Pong Ira Samayoa Mike York Mike Franklin Tjaden Brewer Brandon Thompson website link: http://ultra-latest.com/steady-ground/ direct: https://vimeo.com/82569507
  12. Hey Everyone! My friends and I have created an app called Present, you can share live video with your friends and everything you make gets saved, no time limit, and its free. I would LOVE to see skateboarders using it to film awesome things. It's only for iphones (with iOS 7) at the moment! We are going to start building out for Android devices next month. If you are interested, you can sign up for our Android beta list by emailing: founders@present.tv with the subject "Android". If you have any questions or comments, email: support@present.tv DOWNLOAD LINK: https://appsto.re/us/Y9lGW.i Please support and share the present! -Herb
  13. Daniel Kusnir

    Fs: Iphone 4 16 Gig At&t

    Make an offer. Text me for pictures 724-544-3152.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZO9K8b0g4Y
  15. UPDATE: Send Footage to Artsington@gmail.com The time has come to start gathering clips for SP photographer montage(s) 2012. Tell your filmer buddy to charge his vx batteries and get the generator gassed up and ready to go. Get down to the skatepark and start practicing your multi trick combos. Some of you might need a swiffer to dust off your board. If you don't skate. send your bmx/ scooter/ aggressive inline clips. Do what you gotta do. At the begging of november I will start taking clips. Probably just like last time through sendspace/ rapidshare/ etc... Heres the last one from 09.
  16. http://vimeo.com/77868165 some of these clips were sent to me lol
  17. douche-nozzle

    Broken Iphone

    I need a water damaged or cracked iPhone. If you have one that is just sitting in your drawer or collecting dust that you can let go for dirt cheap, PM ME!
  18. whyhammer

    Chill Sessions

  19. 420 Kers

    School Art Assignment

    Please critique.
  20. iPhone short clip from Jersey City Rink Real monty with VX soon
  21. I was bored and thought id try this, both video stills at 1080 30p, The iphone fisheye was £10, about $15 maybe, pretty sick for that cheap. The 8mm is obviously way wider but the iphone fisheye is actually good for the stupid low price ^iPhone ^Canon 600d 8mm
  22. Hey Guys, I am looking for Ipods, Itouch's, Iphones in any condition and generation just please pm me with them or post here in the thread. Its okay if screens cracked or scratched up just as long as the are functional.