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Found 3 results

  1. before you start trippin realize that 90% of the old japanese vx1000 threads are confusing as fuck, have broken links, expired photobucket pics and shit like that. i'm posting because japanese vx's are super cheap and i'm sure there are still lots of people who are just getting into it now. it can be a little intimidating at first and the full translation is scattered in a bunch of places so this will hopefully help. i tried to leave the japanese characters visible because it'll be easier if you just know what the symbol means. like on and off, you will see them a lot throughout the menus and stuff. also, this was just the first attempt at these pictures, so if i notice some room for improvements i'll do so. theres one here that i dont know. but i dont use the vtr mode at all anyways. and neither should you. the options in each menu are listed in this thread . maybe later i'll do all of those too this is only a translation. i'm not gonna give you lessons on how to use the camera cause that is well covered in many many many places like this pdf manual https://upload.cyfrowe.pl/cyfrowe/instrukcje/kamery/sony/instrukcja_sony_vx1000_eng.pdf if you have a jap vx and arent fuckin with it you can try hitting up kerry@videoelectronics.tv http://forums.skateperception.com/profile/4008-video-electronics/ and he will possibly convert it to english for you, for a fee shoutout to swackedflapjack, mkcolgan2, gaygaygalen, and flipsrowleykid
  2. G'day, I bought a Japanese vx1000 about a year ago. Since then i've worked out the custom presets, made sure i've got it set to 4:3, and filmed a lot of footage, most of which when played back on my capture cam has fine colours and everything else seems in order. But, i'm struggling to get quality even close to other vx-filmed videos on Youtube or Vimeo. I'm using FCP7 at the moment (although I originally had FCPX). I'm also fairly confident my close-to-new sony capture cam is importing the video perfectly into FCP, although i've noticed the quality once imported is not quite as high as professional vx-filmed videos on youtube. I'm assuming that is because i'm not a professional... or are there import settings I should be changing? I've tried a lot of tutorials, read through forums, guides... and I still can't find a combination of export settings that will give me even okay quality on Youtube, and i've tried Vimeo as well. I haven't really tried the export, then compress method, mainly because I can't get good quality as is, so i'm assuming compressing it will surely make it worse? But I do have 'mpeg streamclip' installed. Anyway, I would really appreciate some help, i've been filming all my mates for the last 6 months and am embarrassed every time I attempt to upload footage. Thanks in advance!
  3. After filming a night session my Sony VX1000 started being blurry. All the settings were fine- white balance/shutter speed/ aperture was all set and was working fine. Even when everything is on auto the image looks grainy and blurry. It looks as if there is condensation in the viewfinder. We played back an old tape and the footy looks fine. Recorded onto a new tape and the footy is all blurry and hazy. After fiddling around with shutter speeds, ND filters etc thinking it must be something i have accidentally pressed, the image in the viewfinder went black but all the icons in the viewfinder remained. The camera was taken to a camera repairman but he just said the lens was old. I live in Vietnam so translation can be difficult. Im not sure if its a possible ribbon cable problem, its been working fine up untill this point,(Apart from dirty head problems) it has not been dropped or had a lens hit from a board. The image in the viewfinder miraculously came back a few hours after it had gone black but the image is still blurry and grainy. My VX is Japanese so I do not know all the settings in the "menu".