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Found 13 results

  1. kslayphoto

    it's been a while

    How's everyone doing? It's been a while - here's a kickflip
  2. PhotoGuyJosh2015

    The Worst Kickflip Style Of All Time

    https://www.instagram.com/p/3H0GtGBziI/?taken-by=photoguyjosh Hey guys, just want to share this clip of me incase anyone can help my problem. I hate my kickflip style , pretty sure you can tell which one I am haha (The slo mo). Anyone have any suggestions to get a good flick? Feel like Reda's ass after a 18 inch pizza
  3. cameron.lloyd

    Nosegrind, Kickflip 50-50

    A couple photos from today, kickflip was timed a bit early and it's not easy to freeze them with flashes when the sun's going hard in the paint, let me know what you think. bonus
  4. cameron.lloyd

    Kickflip, Ollie, Switch Varial Heelflip

    A couple photos I recently shot, critique on what I could do better, what not and is the B&W or colour switch varial heelflip photo better? I'm new to this by the way.
  5. chris9tophe

    Kickflip Picknick Table

    So going back through old photos in a time where I had absolutely no idea what I was doing photography wise, I found this IMG_8918.JPG by chris9tophe, on Flickr
  6. wes.c

    Kickflip, Fs Blunt

    Skater - Jacob Jackmauh Shot in Portland Maine Kickflip Fs blunt Fs blunt different angle
  7. Double Kickflip Slow Motion GoPro HERO 2 : Skateboard Trick Tips (HD) http://youtu.be/SyxdSOT0tAs
  8. MikeKazik

    Kickflip In

    Dalton Fleming, Kickflip In -------------------- Blog Instagram Flickr
  9. adobe primere elements actually provides for some good slomos. this clip is old, AND I DIDNT FILM IT. i know its shaky...
  10. PhotoGuyJosh

    Some Recent Shots

    Jamie Southern - Kickflip by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Jamie Southern - Ollie Gap by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Jamie Southern - Kickflip Gap by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Jamie Southern - Feeble by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Max Simpson - Crooked Grind by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Jamie Southern - Ollie by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Jamie Southern - Kickflip by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Ben - Front Ollie by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Brandon - Overcrook by JoshuaOrmston, on Flickr Any comments would be appreciated , Add me on flickr as a contact if you like them. Oh and my facebook too : https://www.facebook...shuajohnormston
  11. nothing special just some new footy
  12. msnfla

    Kf Bs Lip

  13. Kickflip Back Board Hippy Jump