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Found 4 results

  1. Post your ideas of what you want to be on the list this year. The list needs some big changes so more people will be interested. Please specify how many points you believe a task should be worth and keep your posts organized. If it's a weird trick name put in parenthesis what it really is incase someone isn't familiar with it. Try to be creative Here's a link to last years list for yinz to go off of. http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/306973-skate-perception-king-of-the-road-2013-rules-and-task-list/
  2. alexarcara

    Kotr 2014

    Hi, is anyone doing king of the road 2014 this year? Please let me know, because if no one does it, I WILL!! I will make this happen. Let me know if you want me to organize it, or if someone else is going to do it. Thanks.
  3. Some footy from the 2 days I've filmed KOTR so far this year. Very crappy, made it for fun, not really sure why. Enjoy (or don't, it sucks).
  4. alexarcara

    King Of The Road Entry

    okay so does anyone know whats going on with the entry thread? when is it going to be up? how do you pay?