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Found 8 results

  1. ManipulatedMinds

    Sony 20w/10w - Is It A Decent Light?

    i'm thinking about buying a 20w/10w sony light for my vx1000. Will it get the job done and be bright enough? I just want something that will look aright at night when there's almost no light around.
  2. dylanpipe

    Snowboard Urban Lighting

    So me and my buddies are getting into urban this year, and most of our stuff I assume will have to be done at night, or when lighting won't be great. So I need to cop some lights that won't be too expensive, and I don't have enough dough to drop on a generator. I know some of the spots have outlets, but not that many. So I was curious what you guys would say are the brightest, cheap lights. Both that need to be plugged in and some that are battery powered( I saw a skateboard video with ones like that, ) Thanks, DYlan
  3. JaredOrtiz


    Shot this using only natural lighting come from the huge window behind the subject. Some constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. itsapirateslife

    Choosing Studio Strobes

    Hey guys, Apologies in advance if this topic has been tirelessly covered. I'm looking to step up from my speed lights to studio strobes. Like most skate photog's I'm looking for: -Affordable (including replacement upon impact with skateboards & setup) -Portable, I have a car but naturally theres always a bit of skating between spots -Longer flash duration as I use the pocketwizard hypersync technology and would like to continue. I originally was drawn to alien bees for the price tag but people have been telling me the b1600 (the best for outdoor) are pretty heavy and unreasonable to consider for what I want, elinchrome's were my next guess but they're almost double in price. Any other suggestions along with some justification would be greatly appreciated, open my eyes people! I would definitley like to hear if any one first hand have used alien bees to shoot skating and their experiences. Thanks!
  5. austinm

    Lighting - Official Thread

    Post any of your questions or comments about LIGHTING for VIDEO in this thread...never really saw a thread like this and I really think we need it. Ill start: Just ordered a Lowel Omni with barndoors for 130$ off of eBay...can't wait to start building up my lighting kit. Next on the list are some cheap stands and maybe some expendables, such as a gel frame, gels, diffusion scrims, flags, etc. Anyone know where I can find some cheap grip stuff?
  6. scarecorw88skate

    Video Camera Lights

    This is for getting, or giving help on buying camera lights, lets start it up.
  7. Up for sale is my trusty Frezzi. I've had this light for years, always a pleasure to film with. I also have lights and a generator with a sony video light though, so while money is tight.... the frezzi will find a new home. - The light runs off of a bescor mm-9 (newer than the light, I replaced during my ownership) which includes the automatic shut off bescor brand charger (additional $40 when bought) - The light connects to the bescor battery through XLR cable, battery charges with standard cigarrette lighter plug style to wall outlet. - This light has a "light ring" you can see in footage, you'll know it when you see it. Think pro skate videos. - The light ring can easily be removed with black electrical tape over the front part where the light escapes to cause the ring (I used it this way for a while). - When new, this lighting kit cost over $400 in total. It still operates as brand new and is in incredible shape. The asking price is $325 with shipping included (The battery weighs nearly 6 poudns, shipping will cost me) Please email me here at wes @ staystackin . com or text me at nine seven three, two five five, eight three four three. -Wes
  8. I currently have: Canon 600D Camcaddie EX Rode Video Mic Samyang 8mm Fisheye and a few other canon lenses I am looking for the best LED light for filming at night.... as i will be getting my P's soon and need a good hotshoe mounted light for filming skating at night! I have a flood light but am looking for something more "compact" Any suggestions? I don't want to spend more than say $80! Thanks in advance