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Found 15 results

  1. Ive recently been experiencing my clips becoming glitchy and choppy the next day after uploading them the previous night. I understand that quicktime sometimes freezes but it does the same in Final Cut. When one of the clips was playing fine I exported it to .mov to see if that worked, it played fine then the next day the same problem. These are all new clips, my old clips from about 6months ago don't glitch and play through fine. My mac doesn't have the port for the capture cam so all my clips are from an external hard rive in AVI format then using MPEGSTREAM_CLIP I export them to DV format. Only new clips from the last week are doing this and I've transferred many videos to another hard drive to see if my mac was having trouble coping with so many DV files but the problem continued. Any one have any ideas, or is my mac slowly dying? It does take about 10 minutes to boot. Cheers Kane.
  2. Im wondering if i should get a mac or pc for editing skate stuff, i might be doing some gaming like wow becuz im a nub and life's getting boring. My budget would be about 1k and on both sides mac and pc what would be the better buy thank yuh
  3. I have been falling head over heels trying to find a way to do this and if one of you fine gentleman could tell me how to do this that would be a great deed to mankind, Godspeed.
  4. Daniel Hasson

    How Much Ram?

    Does anyone know the maximum amount of ram in gb the 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo mac can take? Thanks.
  5. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-flash-memory-usb-sticks/winnipeg/qnap-ts-219p-4tb-turbo-nas-dual-bay-1-6ghz-512mb-iscsi-raid/567122112 somehow copped this for free.. its worth 850 new haha. holler if you're interested and we'll negotiate a more then reasonable price!!
  6. KohlSkates

    Mac Or Eazy Handle V2

    I'm in need of both to be honest. I have a opteka Xgrip that I got years ago from my first cam and I'm not feelin it to much. It's got waits on it but still not cuttin it, on the other hand neither is my laptop so what would you do in this situation? Thanks in advance.
  7. Is there any solution to recover damaged pictures from crashed memory card of Mac digital camera?
  8. Does anybody out there have issues with their computer(apple), when it comes to edting? Lag, choppines, or it doesnt run. I'd like to know some ways to make increase the performance of my computer. thanks *and if this helps I'm running a 2.16 INtel Duo core processor, with 4 gigs of ram
  9. alright so after long last, my PC decided to take it's firewire capabilities and just shit all over them. the ports won't work anymore and i tried everything so i eventually decided to go get a used mac as the cheapest alternative with a firewire port. so i bought one of the early flatscreen iMacs (G5 i think) used for $100. seems to be in perfect condition. i've never really used a mac before until now but it was easy enough to figure out how to capture using iMovie, but after capturing all my stuff i noticed that the quality is kinda butchered. i can't find any settings on what format it uses to capture or compression or any of that. anyone with any experience capturing on macs know anything that would help, or any alternative editing programs for macs that would do a better job? thanks
  10. Daniel Hasson

    What I Need For A Hvx?

    Hey SP, I wasn't sure if there was a thread on this and I couldn't find anything on google. So anyway, I was wondering what I need on my computer when it comes to using a HVX. I will be using P2 cards and not mini DV. Here is my mac details: http://danhasson.tumblr.com/ (the newest picture) I'm planning to buy a 300gb hard drive for my HVX footage and I will clear my mac of all my VX footage as I've backed it up on another hard drive that I won't use with my HVX. I wanted to know if I need a completely new computer (don't take the piss if that's a stupid question because I don't know what I'm on about when it comes to HD as I've only ever been using a VX1) or I need more RAM etc...... Please help, Thanks
  11. Kameron

    Want To Sell: Vx2000 And Gl2..

    Just got the VX2000 in a trade. I was told it had glitches, but I'll run a head cleaner through it, take a test tape and see how that goes. The GL2 is flawless. Literally nothing is wrong with it. Both are in 8/10 cosmetic condition also. VX comes with two batteries and a charger. GL2 comes with one battery and a charger. Willing to trade for a Mac. Preferably a desktop but I'm open to offers. Really wanting a Mac Mini, but it's whatevs. Text me, as I don't visit this site as much anymore. (704)964-7398 Check my feedback in the Deals/Scams section before making an offer. Thank you. -Kameron.
  12. CKurylo7

    Macbook Pro Or Mac Mini

    Hey guys, so i'm wondering which route I should take, pay about double (Around 1200+) for the Macbook Pro or pay around (600-800) for the Mac mini. I want to get FCP for my a software, and want the mac for the software and have heard they are better than PC's for artsy types of stuff. I'm currently using a really old Dell laptop and am undecided on the too choices. I know I'll have to buy a monitor, mouse, keyboard if I get the mini. Which way should I go?
  13. patstelmach

    P2card Readers

    Does anyone know where to find a cheap p2 card reader? Been looking around for one that works with mac but they're all expensive. Looking for one in the 200-300 dollar range
  14. Posting this here as I figured someone wants a deal... Brand New - Adidas Skateboarding Busenitz Pro Shoes Sz11 -Yellow/Black/Black colorway *I just personally do not like the color $55 SHIPPED ANYWHERE 48/USA (they're 70-80 bucks locally/online, this is a deal) LIKE-NEW - Asus EEpc Netbook -picked this up for loading some Audi/VW software onto it to find out it's not compatable, my loss is your gain *I paid $300 for this a couple years ago, its perfect for surfing the web, word documents, and a great back-up computer. *Original Box/Software/Charger & Even some Bmw/Audi/Vw flashing/logging software installed. $125 SHIPPED ANYWHERE 48/USA I'm a PayPal Bus. Advantage Member & I ship FAST! BEST WAY OF CONTACT naudlee@gmail.com Thanks!
  15. GLZA

    Slow Motion Software Mac

    Hi, I'm an old filmer from the VX days, recently plunged into the DSLR world. I've been filming with 60d 50fps and need good slo mo. I'm on a mac but not using FCP (I'm on Avid) and need to use something to slow my 50fps down. I've been reading about Cinema Tools but thats FCP only right? What do I need? So far I'm confused...