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Found 9 results

  1. BlakeWollersheim

    Step Down From Canon 8-15mm

    What is the next step down from a Canon 8-15mm fisheye? Im looking to get a fisheye with similar wideness that also has vig but is in a much lower price range. Anyone have any recommendations or ideas?
  2. We've visited 2 transistion skateparks and decided to post short video of it. I wasn't really creative that day which I regret. Definitely I should've tried getting some bowl fisheye lines. Also I didn't get enough b-roll footage so a few shots come are from video stocks. Anyway it came out pretty decent I think.
  3. KohlSkates


    I decided to star doing 5 on flats just because I had the time. let me now on how i could make my footage look better Ex: filming tips, editing tips etc.
  4. A chill clip we filmed over a day, havn't filmed in a while so please excuse the poorly filmed lines. Do you guys think the intro worked? Critique me please Thank you P.s I would really appreciate any likes/subs!!
  5. TonyZ

    Peleng Questions

    So my Opteka 6.5mm got absolutely destroyed beyond repair yesterday (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m4_I9WVX_Y) and now I am deciding between a Peleng and another manybrand, I know there are heaps of threads but I have a few questions on the Peleng- 1-It's meant to be all metal, how much more durable is it than the manybrand? Could it take more of a hit? Is it a lot stronger or basically the same? 2-Some videos have hardly any vig while some have lots of uneven vig. I don't really want a lot of vig or uneven vig, if I was to buy one, what are the chances that I will get one with clean and even vig? I really don't want to run a great risk of getting bad vig. 3-Just how bad do the flares get? How big of a problem do they become? They seem like hardly a problem in some videos, while in others they are just terrible, what are some ways to reduce flares asides making a hood and stopping it down? How effective would a hood be? All responses appreciated, thanks for the help guys!
  6. hdx

    Opteka 0.4x Vs Manybrand 8mm

    So, the thing is... I obtained HMC150 recently and I'm about to buy Opteka 0.4x fisheye. I know it's not that wide but there aren't any comparisons to Manybrand fisheye. Does someone have these two setups and can make one? Thanks in advance, Maciej
  7. So I decided to take apart my 6.5 Opteka manybrand to get rid of that little ball that makes the aperture ring click, all seemed to work out well, until about a few hours later when I noticed that the aperture ring has become really loose and will turn by itself at times just from a little bit of shaking, I would put the ball back into the slot to make it clicky again but it has mysteriously disappeared. Has anybody else encountered this problem before and does anyone know how to solve this problem? And yes I realise that it was probably a bad decision. Any help is appreciated, thanks. Also, will a tiny 5mm hairline crack in the plastic near the mount of the lens be dangerous? It just somehow appeared there, doesn't seem to affect anything I'm just worried that it will grow.
  8. I believe no one made similiar test so it might be interesting for some of you, guys: (I did not make this) As you can see it can be nicely cropped to 720p You don't lose quality or widthness. What's more you can even make it wider if you decide to leave the vig. Might be useful if you already have crop sensor body with manybrand and want to upgrade to full frame but you can't afford new fisheye.
  9. shamstalent

    365Life [T2I]

    Finally my first skateboarding edit. t2i, manybrand fisheye, kit lens, 24mm 2.8 vivitar, vlebon tripod, no handle. Comments and critics appreciated.