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Found 11 results

  1. If you guys like clips from the good ol days.. instagram - @thedailycapture_
  2. Hello guys, I want to make my VX footy look like vhs, and want to rewind while capturing and all that shit too. U know what im saying So the thing would be, capturing mini dv to computer which I do everyday, but then I want to burn the footy into a vhs. Then capture it again from the vcr to my computer so it stays on that vhs style. Heard something about burning VX clips to a dvd, then plug the dvd player into a vcr. Capture the dvd from the vcr. Then vcr to a blank dvd and then to computer. But well it sounds kind of nonsense, I dont know what cables I need, I got the mini dv cam to capture, a dvd player and a vcr so im ready haha. If somebody knows how to do this or maybe if there is another way, it would really help. Thanks!
  3. dylaninthehat

    Wtb: 3 Empty Mini Dv Tape Cases

    Over my years of filming and moving several times I seem to have lost a few of my tape cases. I have ocd to the max so this is really a problem for me. If you have 3 empty original mini dv tape cases you are willing to sell please let me know.
  4. Ive recently been experiencing my clips becoming glitchy and choppy the next day after uploading them the previous night. I understand that quicktime sometimes freezes but it does the same in Final Cut. When one of the clips was playing fine I exported it to .mov to see if that worked, it played fine then the next day the same problem. These are all new clips, my old clips from about 6months ago don't glitch and play through fine. My mac doesn't have the port for the capture cam so all my clips are from an external hard rive in AVI format then using MPEGSTREAM_CLIP I export them to DV format. Only new clips from the last week are doing this and I've transferred many videos to another hard drive to see if my mac was having trouble coping with so many DV files but the problem continued. Any one have any ideas, or is my mac slowly dying? It does take about 10 minutes to boot. Cheers Kane.
  5. Hi I have a vx 2100 I was skating and fell on it The footage I recorded before I dropped on it, is fine I captured it through another camera when I got home I didnt notice anything strange until I rewound the tape, from start until finish, the footage had droped audio in places and pixelated lines running in the left 3rd of the screen (almost all of left 3rd) and on the right (only a bit, like 2 vertical line of the stuff). So I put the tape in another vx and Captured all footage, playback was fine. Until!.... I got to the footage after I dropped on the camera. This footage looked the same as when I viewed if before, all glitchy and choppy. Adobe cut could not capture footage, it kept stopping and freezing. Cant work out, if A. The tape is damaged? B. The Heads are damaged? C. The tape is just more dirty where it remains glitchy? D. The drop caused the damage and its unrepairable and camera is damaged? E. ? If anyone has an idea please let me know as its footage from another country, so kind of need to get this last bit off!
  6. hey guys i just bought a dvx100 from a guy and he gave me a jvc gr-d94u to put the footage on to the computer. since the cam is older the computer doesn't have any updated drivers for it, when i try to capture the footage my computer wont even recognize the device as a camera and i have a pc running on windows 7(sony vaio). i need help!!!!!
  7. nrrbull

    Vx1000 Vs Trv900

    So I've been wondering for a while in your opinions what's better for the money the vx1 or the trv? However I happen to own both and I couldn't part with either. Im sure some other users are wondering the same thing. In my opinion, I have used both and the trv900 gets the job done just great for how cheap it is nowadays. All you need is a babydeath to go along with it and you can set the colors and make it look identical to the vx. But for the vx1000 I think it is much more fun to use. Also the vx is more handheld and stabelized with the handle on top. So really it all comes down to how much cash you have.
  8. SamGillPerezfilms

    Sony Trv17e Recommendations

    hey guys, im new to this forum, i've just got back into filming and i recieved a free Sony trv17e, seems pretty good! I have read a lot about it, but i would like some advice with it, i have ordered an opteka baby death and a handle. best settings? how to colour correct it properly? any advice is appreciated! Keep filming and skating dudes.
  9. vx600d

    Best Mini Dv Tapes?

    Well basically I know everyone on here seems to love sony premiums but I've been told and read on here from a post by VE that sony cause the most problems is this true? Also I've recently been told fuji are the best because they use non oil based lubricants or something like that so they dont clog up like sony? Any help? Thanks
  10. italy-vx1000

    Mini Dv On Macbook Pro 13"

    hello everyone, i have a vx1000 and i used to import videos on my old pc but it broke and now i only have my macbookpro 13", which i figured out that doesn't have any kind of fireware port. what can i do to import my mini dv cassettes? does it exist any kind of mini dv reader usable on a usb ports? thaks for helping me out!
  11. CTCarter18

    Wtb Vx1000

    WTB. Vx1000. the most im willing to spend is 400. Obviously i need a used one. also if you have a mk1 or a 52mm opteka tell me and we can discuss that.