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Found 12 results

  1. Instagram- @floodedvision @beastman619 @sircocco @jj_matei @_jordanmourning @tgalvan93 IMG_1579.mp4
  2. dylaninthehat

    Wtb: 3 Empty Mini Dv Tape Cases

    Over my years of filming and moving several times I seem to have lost a few of my tape cases. I have ocd to the max so this is really a problem for me. If you have 3 empty original mini dv tape cases you are willing to sell please let me know.
  3. scarecorw88skate

    Best Capture Software For Vx1000 On Windows

    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 to capture my footage, and it's not very good because my videos end up looking very foggy on YouTube. I do use the internal settings, and I render out of aecs6 with dv settings. I could be capturing with bad capturing settings, but I'm not sure, but if I'm not, please give me some advice on some free or pirate-able captureing software. Thank you.
  4. ever since yesterday, my vx has been having this problem where the viewfinder is all black and doesn't work, but when i tilt the viewfinder down (so that it's pointing horizontal) i can get it to turn on and work sometimes, only to have it shut off when i tilt the viewfinder up again i'm assuming the ribbon cable is messed up in some way, but before i take it all apart i thought it'd be a good idea to check with people who know better than me first ahaha so, if any of you have any suggestions or ideas as to whats wrong with my camera its much appreciated
  5. UPDATE: Send Footage to Artsington@gmail.com The time has come to start gathering clips for SP photographer montage(s) 2012. Tell your filmer buddy to charge his vx batteries and get the generator gassed up and ready to go. Get down to the skatepark and start practicing your multi trick combos. Some of you might need a swiffer to dust off your board. If you don't skate. send your bmx/ scooter/ aggressive inline clips. Do what you gotta do. At the begging of november I will start taking clips. Probably just like last time through sendspace/ rapidshare/ etc... Heres the last one from 09.
  6. alright so after long last, my PC decided to take it's firewire capabilities and just shit all over them. the ports won't work anymore and i tried everything so i eventually decided to go get a used mac as the cheapest alternative with a firewire port. so i bought one of the early flatscreen iMacs (G5 i think) used for $100. seems to be in perfect condition. i've never really used a mac before until now but it was easy enough to figure out how to capture using iMovie, but after capturing all my stuff i noticed that the quality is kinda butchered. i can't find any settings on what format it uses to capture or compression or any of that. anyone with any experience capturing on macs know anything that would help, or any alternative editing programs for macs that would do a better job? thanks
  7. Ian_johnson

    Reviewing Footage On A Vx2000

    So for some reason i feel the need to review what i filmed later in the day. I have a vx2000 and i only watch footage mabye once or twice a month. Is this cool since its not often at all or is reviewing clip all bad?? I want a majority of answers saying if its okay.
  8. Chrome

    Wtb: Capture Cam

    So I am pretty close to buying a VX1000 and I know I need a capture cam. I am looking for a cheapish one. I'm not trying to put out $100 on a capture cam. I kind of want something that doesn't look terrible filming and with like no issues filming. Either way message me with what you have. Even if it does have recording issues still message me. Obviously the main reason for getting this camera is too play back and capture footage.
  9. waterlooyute

    Looking For Advice

    hi, so it has come to my attention about the consequences of mixing tape brands. it's weird how the manufacturers don't disclose that information, but anyway... the person who used my vx1000 before me, and he used it alot, used sony premiums. my first tape i used since buying the camera was a fujifilm. i now want to switch back to sony premiums, because the i want to use the same tapes as the previous owner. so my question is it's a smart move to go back to sony premiums, right? and since head cleaners are only for absolute necessary situations, theres no need to use one just for one tape? thanks
  10. Winter holiday sessions in ghetto indoor in city of Osijek, filmed by Krunoslav Dundovic and myself (Dino Sertovic). Thrown together by Krunoslav Dundovic. We had a great time filming this thing. Check it out! =) Skaters in order of appearance: Dino Sertovic, Mario Kopecki, Toni Sertovic, Tomislav Vranic, Kurnoslav Dundovic. SonyVX2100/MK2 modified with two rings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J87_7obTLUE
  11. cheezyandweezy

    Wtb Vx1000

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Vx1000. I have a bit of money, as well as items such as xbox 360s, video games, skateboards, Beats headphones, etc. Just ask if I have something to trade as well as money. Post here or contact me on my Skype: Gabehansen. Thanks guys.
  12. faggotallday

    Capture Problems

    my friend and i are trying to put together a full length. he has a vx2000 and i have a gs250 and a lot of the footage was filmed on his camera (a vx2000) the problem is though, we've been having lots of trouble capturing the footage filmed on the vx2000. my other friend also has a vx2000, and he let us borrow his capture camera. sense it works for his vx2000, it should work for ours, but it didn't. the footage was played glitchy or didn't play at all. i bought a capture camera from someone as well, and this didn't even play my camera or the vx2000. another capture camera we've tried plays the vx2000 tapes but isn't recognized by my computer, and it doesn't play the tapes from my camera. we just need a capture camera that will work for both our cameras idealy, but mostly we are worried about the footage from the vx2000. it needs to be able to be recognized by my computer (a macbook pro). any tips, specific models etc. would be a big help. thanks.